what a day

On this particular day,of all days ever, as you sit on your bed, distressed and mad about literally everything and nothing in particular; the weather outside is bright, the sun shines on a crystal blue sky, but to you that looks grey-at this moment when you are actually freezed in this wrath of a dull-day. You could even bet on it( 50€ on grey, actually 50 shades of it!!), your neighbour-who by the way happens to be a DJ, plays nice music-normally-but not today. You feel so annoyed that you leave the bed without dressing or addressing it( for who on earth cares about beds and bed sheets shit?-probably thats why i dont have the name for what you do on it). The supermarkets are closed. Shit! its sunday! it so dwans on you. You wanted to buy some beer, go to a cool place, probably near a river and sit there,away from all shit, enjoying the afternoon. But now you have to dig deeper in your pockets to buy a drink or two in the retail store which sell it twice as much(shit for your shitty sunday sitting budget). not cool!! You think of calling your buddy Mike who owes you some dimes, he is not picking plus your free calls are over and your credit was wasted on friday night by Nick as Claire explained to you why she would not show up at the party as agreed.”That clown should buy his own credit!” you curse in your head. You are indeed a very mad man, too bad for you,you are even mad for your name happens to be Freedie and you haven’t seen anything friendly today!your friend Nick messed up your credit after Claire unfriendlyly messed his  friendly invitation up and that messed up party was none of your business,too much for friends! this messes your mind up even more! Life couldn’t be worse! you curse as you board a train, bound for god knows where!Lost in your mind in the hot overloaded train,shit! the AC must have been brocken! its too hot in here! pissed to the core, you don’t care whats happening around.You sit where there is space still lost in your pissed state, as doors cross just as the red light blinks, out goes a dark leathered guy in the speed of lightening,he is lucky he made it out,the doors nearly trapped him in between, and this is when you feel he rubbed against you, still in your thoughts you don’t care but you see him ascending the escarator in his flight of a run. Scheisse!! screams a woman as the train starts.”That fucker snached my pouch!” she screams in anger and you realise that a her could have been worse than yours.you sigh in relief.Moments later as you alight near a park, you reach for your phone to text Mike. its not on your pocket! damn!he must have snachted it too, you realise.What a day.


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