Trapped in this world, where making sense attracts unwanted expectation, when with all the talent that the world believes you undeservedly have becomes the tool in which your demise is shaped and curved upon. In this world where creating ties of friendship takes a long time and when you finally make it, it becomes so easy to break. In such a world where you fun away and around and about, your desires to give light to the people, the people with whom you plan a wonderful future not knowing that they- the people, will be the most formidable tool to break you, as you run from the shield and stealth of their expectations to form at least your own, and this word again, expectations!

Trying so hard not to break but the only escape that avails is just a break, and no one around sees that all you need is a break, they are all trying so hard to break you, what they don’t see is the broken man that you already are, or maybe they see the break in fields they imagine but how can they know, they are not you, how can you even expect them to know this and this word again, this damn word, expectations! So you admit you also expect them to know but how can they?

I on the path and the purge to self discovery, a path not so many get to travel through whilst this world, the world of game theories and mostly the prisoners dilemma of what should be and what is availed over time, so everyone is a victim of sort in this world trying to break out and all you ever wanted was a break, a break from this dilemma that you through experience and so much consideration and observation have come to find out. But you can’t break out, even you, expectations and this world again baffles you! And nobody will ever realize this because they are busy trying to see you prove a point, little did they know you already did and it broke you in ten thousand different ways and now you want to cry because you feel like the perfect example of what your mama told you that failure feels like, she said that failed is the man whose dreams get replaced by regrets and though you dream, though you plan to achieve this dreams, though you are clear in your mind, though you are sure to hit this world of expectations you created in your mind, all the world sees is the broken you, broken in their own expectations, regrets! And this feels so low for you know and have formed an ideal idea of where you are, how to get from there but all that is seen is a stranded man, how can you tell them that, before in your youth you would have dared the world to watch this space, but not any more, this is too much, and this word again, expectations! Self discovery comes at a cost, and this cost be what it will, then perhaps your purpose in this world is already served, expectations, poisoners and limiting but that’s all the world has for you and again, expectations!



ps… For all those trapped in this snare, if the world be what it may, then never question what ensues in my path after this, could be one of the last postings but maybe then i will chicken out, expectations!!


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