Not that many people

Not that many people can find easiness in meaning, flowness in feeling,

a thankful heart in charity and grace, a cherishable spackle in such an act, the spectacle!


Not that many people can find truth in acceptance, simple acceptance nothing more,

gratitude in normal acts of favour,

and the flavour in a nice meal eaten quietly in good company of friendship.


Not that many people can make you feel rare, accepted and special,

and that a slip of your tongue or in your way is just an event, that doesn’t define your entire life,

and that your small wins- even as tiny as they could, would be cherished.


Not that many people, would make you feel the magic in that you belong,

in that you are the way you are, not perfect but unique in a special way.

not that many people, but the ones that do, never lose them, hold on to those,

because you know, not that many people cherish you with the openness that you deserve.


One thought on “Not that many people

  1. I know!? Said Larry. ?I bet һe likeѕ angels as a result
    of he has them round all the time. PossiЬly hе and the angels play household games like ᴡe ddo sometimes.
    Perhaps they pⅼay Monopoly.? This made Mommy giցgle actually hard.


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