no holding back

You are a prisoner before birth, yes a prisoner in your mama’s womb, and yet you kick, kick!yet you kick so hard and finally freeeedom is a song but you cry at birth, for the world needs to confirm you are alive, not that the kicking could have been done by a dead child?-logic?? but yes you come in it curios and they teach you curiosity killed the cat, but you ain’t any cat are you, you are you you and nothing should hold you back, the womb couldn’t, it ballooned to let you go, so why hold back now that you can walk and think and do staff?

i will not walk this world holding back, if there is a mountain i will climb, if there is a slope i will slide or walk down, if there is a challenge i will defeat it and live to tell the story, damn why should i hold back?

i am here for i am a winner, a winner by kicking out shit, and i tremble at times not realizing that behold is a wonderful path that i must set for myself and no one person not even a system decades old can hold me back..

so today i start by going up a mountain, you can doubt me or give me a reason to doubt myself but tomorrow is the day i tell you about the adventure because today i will be busy making it up there!

so now that i know not to belittle me, me and my potential that i brought to the world, kicking and you had to make me cry to confirm?? i will not extinguish the fire in me! never!!

i will keep the blaze alive!!


most people just freeze in the desires of the world without achieving what really brought them the kick, need i remind you, you kicked your way to the world, you broke from some wombly prison only to be told that you are not enough? no, i will not listen, i know my path and if there is none i will create it myself. let me tell you about the mountain hike the day i will choose to, this is me me on my path whether created by others for me to follow or none gives so i will create mine, mine and others can follow.

just never let the fire in you go off,

call me any names you like

but mine is a path on a trail or none for i shall get there

and that’s a deal you will learn about

or walk with me to whatever!!

see i broke all the rules that grammar dictates and yet you read and understood!!

never hold yourself back, you are here as a winner don’t let that confirmation slap in your ass kill the thrill, we all had one, and the mid wife was mean so maybe it still hurts..heheh have a beautiful day, i am sure mine will be windy but near the sky, the mountain climb is on!!



i will take no fotos, so the story will only be told by me in the time of my choosing, merry befinds you, this is me killing english(notice the small e) as fast as i can but i learnt it, i hope you know somewhere between the line!!


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