It is on a sunny day, i don’t know the time because i haven’t checked the watch-i have none, but its sunny and so i presume during the day-whatever, there is a knock on the door and i am sitting on a fancy couch-not mine i hope you so presume, but i am sitting on it, i peep through the glass- the door is made of clear glass with wonderful triangular shapes that give you the impression of diamonds hanging on the door, imagine if you can, so here i am and i see three women wearing whitish or grey clothes-i am not so good with colors and this diamond shapes are somehow worsening the situation, as i try to process this, gazing on the door, out comes my cousin from a room i just discovered now, heading to open it-the door.

With all my hair in my whole skinny energetic body standing, i sense something is awry, and so i shout don’t!! but she has already twisted or tilted or whatever the knob and now they are stepping in…wait a minute, i forgot to tell you something, between the point where my cousin appears from the room and her fast tracked walked, i noticed that the women standing outside knocking on the door were wearing beaded head scarfs, they had some kind of white beads that in my quick recollection reminds me of some members of a weird religion or cult if you like who i as a child believed possessed some negative energy or worse, that’s why i tried to scream my cousin out of opening the damn diamond shaped door-at this point even the frame looks like a huge diamond with small pieces moving out and about with the intention to confuse me and this pisses me off!!

they are now in- damn!!

their crazy smiles as they shake her hand, but i am lost somewhere ..a certain time elapse and now i find my self asleep side way on my bed, something or someone is besides me, and i feel terrified and i need to check who or what and so i turn..uuuuuiiii, i don’t know how to explain this, but i will try my best…

A huge figure with feathers, bigger than me-and you know i am tall, so bigger than me means something??-so i feel tiny at the moment, with a beak the size of a knife and super sharp-the beak is also white by the way( come to think of it, i haven’t seen a white blade knife yet in my life) somehow curved to resemble a sickle, is laying besides me, and now it begins pecking my back sharply like a a sharpened blade, i am now shocked and trying to get away, i can’t and even if i could i am in its tight grip, but there is nowhere to run because i am corned between the big bird-Kinyoni, and the wall, where do i run?? and how do i get away is the paradox my mind tries to solve but before thinking more the claws come out from the same freaking ugly big kinyoni on my back and now its deeply scratching me with its finger long sharp claws..i want to shout Jesus, but i can’t, i am like jeeeeess! this is too much i am in a terrible situation i think i am gonna die ( so i flew half way around the world to die in the hands of a freaking huge ugly Kinyoni?), and the freaking kinyoni is laughing loudly and terrifyingly like a huge monster, i want to pull away and i cant!! now i see blood in my arms and they are on the other-side paralyzed! jeeeez..i can’t finish the world uuuuuuuiiiiii i scream, some one help me uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! mmmmmhhhhh, i am finally out and awake and in my room, i switch the lights on, look around, find some saliva in my arms-where i saw blood in my dreams, but i am not at ease, i need to breath, what the heck was that, i never want to have that again in my life, never!

i look around.. what attracts evil spirits? deep down i think, i see my mirror, i carry it out to the living room-we cannot coexist in the same room this night, i also think i need divine intervention if i am to try sleeping again and making it alive at the crack of dawn, and its on a Wednesday night, i have to work the next day so i need enough sleep, the best idea, i need my Bible, but where is it? i can’t find it, my flat-mates heard the last scream before i pulled out of that horror and now they want to know what happened, but i need my Bible for heaven sake to have the courage to sleep again ( otherwise i will need to sleep somewhere else, not in my room not in my bed!!)..mmmmmmhhhh..uuuuiiii i can’t find it, so i play a youtube video about the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors, do you know him? the guy who would interpret dreams? that’s how i finally slept again in peace!



For those of you who think i over dramatized this or that this is not real, try sleeping and dreaming with that freaking big  sharp beaked Kinyoni, tomorrow you might understand what i went through, have a beautiful sleep, this now means something to me after the episode!! and this i wish to you!!


One thought on “Nightmare!!

  1. You possibⅼy can pⅼay iit anytime yⲟu want.? Daddy answereⅾ.
    ?As a result of speaқing about how great God iss
    makes him joyful and its worship. Play it earlier thazn you go to
    sleep tonight and if you wake uup in the moening and Ꮐod
    can bbe near you all day long.


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