the best things in life

The best things in life come free,

the hugs,

the kisses

the aaahaaah …i aint gonna say,

plus the sleep,

the sleeping on late, after the alarm rings

the speachless loo, especially when you must go to  the loo, like must and then you are there finally

and stolen glares on the bus, as you admire but don’t get caught!! its not allowed by no law

or the Ubah….n,

especially in summer when people all over suddenly look so hot,

the hitting a G spot, i care less why its called a G spot by the way.

the sweet goodbyes we cry after the station as the person who left crys in the bus or train or flight,

these unspeakable good things,

and all that and such moments that i wish you..even the wishing,

and the thought that i could wish even this far away and you would smile,

this indescribable thrill, i wish you, you you who reads this


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