A man of Thirty

It is astounding the things this eyes will have seen, the things this ears will have heard, the things this heart will have experienced-both endured and broken sitting gazing at each other on opposite sides like two identical twins whose hearts are only two worlds apart,their faces will amaze you, that all this was just in the same man’s life will be a wonder written all over the faces and no where in words, the things over the life of thirty!

He will have learnt many lessons, applied some and ignored others, only to remember them at times, sometimes vaguely,at times vividly and all in one, the one of thirty! Astounding will still be the lessons he will have learnt from, in practice it will be those that make him but the ones he will have ignored will have a biting impact, one he will never forget and vivid they will be even as the once upon a time vivid memories get lost in these complex times, the times of a thirty!!

He will indeed have learnt how to tell his story in a way only he can, but then he will still be unsure if all those who hear it or read about it or get a glimpse of it as it unfolds, and again if, they will have understood him, or misunderstood him or ignored him a minute after or cursed him under the wrap of their breath, but still, in his worrying heart he will endure and soldier on, not assuming that endure vacates a broken heart or will, no, the broken piece might just be a stepping stone or the tomb that forever buries him, this man, this man of thirty!!

He will have charmed up his way at earlier times, or forced it up at others, or pleaded on occasions or made deals that met dire compromises at other times, or slithered on his way through many times, or desired a way through never to get at deeper times, and now he knows it all and looks forth for a time better than today, better than the trail of dust clouding the former times be cause he is just but now but also a man of thirty……..

Take three decades and rewind, but rewind is not a luxury in this life, it only exists in film tapes and things of such illusion imaginations-this he will have known only too well in his of thirty years! three decades to be exact! And if he will be lucky enough to see it, then perhaps today will be his second anniversary in WordPress! second not third but it will do, two years better than nothing!




2 thoughts on “A man of Thirty

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