this boy will never know

This boy will never know,

the cravings?

the weighing?

the water story, no…am i in a rush, but it’s a rush anyway!

The day, the D-day if you like,

after those nine long months,

after all that long wait,

yes, the day,

the rush to the midwife,

the fearful groan,

the must be pushing, the loss of breath, yet one must have it to push,

the pain, the forceful pain that one must balance with a push for its critical it might cost a life,

the thrill and fear of the new one seeing the light for the first time,

the sweet happy embrace after all is settled..oooh, this boy will never know,

because he is a boy and all he can do is wait or be allowed to watch,

or not be around at all, which is a shame…

..this day is the day one must think of and respect and honor those who paid such a price for your precious life to get a chance..i rest my case…


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