the slow walk to progress

Progress in it’s nature is like a walk out of that which is comfortable,

that which feels good,

that which no one wants anyone else to bother,

that which so sweet feels but yet not enough,

the deserved trophy, too far to be reached,

tooo far to be seen,

tooooo far to be held and yet the name,



…human beings in their nature, the undesirable human nature,

the unspoken yet so real is.

so in this common tendency, so common to appear real,

you’ll find, humans like limiting what those who are different do,

those whose boarders are unmarked,

those who see the world through a different lens beyond their narrow scope, humans,

those who are indeed free and searching for something not known to many

..oooh ye human beings and their narrow understanding…

too far to be held, tooo far to be seen, and yet the elusive name,




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