that thing about her, that thing!!

yes i know, it sounds silly,

yes i know, it’s not easy to comprehend,

yes i know, you can’t get it,

…maybe because you are not me,

maybe because you can’t see it,

maybe because, maybe because,

…..well, let me explain it.

but i can’t, its illogical,

and i swear, i want to stay objective but i can’t

so here we go..walk with me, no stand and watch..aaah i don’t your thing

its like sparkling with some shiny diamond like coating-her eyes.(.the inside and not the diamond shape!)

..half like a tear that never drops( and i am waiting and waiting for it to drop while stealing stares and evading direct contact for that would have me captured??)

half shiny like a shining star..( so i feel like i am sleeping in a grass filled field at night while looking at the stars avoiding the cockroach clicking sounds and the croaking frogs of a night in upcountry Africa, somewhere near the swamps!!)

you feel me and then she looks side to side probably wondering why i am gazing at her-at this time she has probably caught me, and i want to avoid that..damn me but i can’t..

that look…well, a look in a rhythmic way hard to capture,

so i wanted more and more but could never get enough..

okay i sound silly but this is so amazing if you are on the opposite side of the table.

and here i was still standing, still gazing, how can i not say hallo??

i am swept clean! that thing about her, that thing!!!!


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