I thought i needed a scooter

Some ladies can be so compelling at times, they have this magical way of using what i would like to call `their feminist abilities!( or should i call them powers?) to entice one into doing or currying stuff you never would think you could in this life. Lets cut the chase, lets focus a little and expound a bit on what i am alluding to in this case, lets talk about why indeed i thought i needed a scooter.

So on this day-vague to remember the date but the events that ensued are still vivid in my mind- so please bear with me folks, my aunt-like my real aunt, Mama’s little sister whose age difference and mine wasn’t that big but in my culture i still had to refer to her as my aunt, though i quiet often forgot this and used her name, why not, i mean we shared the same age bracket its just that her parents happened to be my grandparents and for this, culture would have it that i would not refer to her as the young lady she was…..oooppse am i losing it?? when i come to think of it, and by the way, this is not why i thought i needed a scooter so lets focus like we had agreed, back to the scooter story before i lose it and wash some stupid cultural linen on this forum.

The scooter thought story uninterrupted!!

On this very day, the clouds were forming from the eastern mountains facing Bananahill( Bananahill being my home town- this i thought you might want to know, it might just save you some misplaced curiosity). Its a normal thought for any Bananahill resident, connecting eastern clouds with a heavy rain ready to befall this beautiful, carefully molded land by the creator of all things. And so, for this reason, the clouds,my aunt carried her umbrella, she would travel to Mombasa and i was to escort her to the stage in Nairobi. So i had to help her carry some luggage- i am not bragging, this is a common duty for boys around that corner of the world, sort of like a price they have to endure time after time to fit in as real men at a time in future. But helping her with her heavy unnecessary luggage isn’t the reason why i thought i needed a scooter either!

The bus to Mombasa had to be bounded in Nairobi, so not only did have to carry the heavy bags all the way to the nearest Matatu terminus, but also sit around it in an uncomfortable sweaty situation all the way to Nairobi in this loud music Matatu, amongst nice and cocky young chaps smartly dressed driving to college wearing crazy perfumes. I’ll deal with the results first, i need not say a lot about those strange looks hailed at me and the fuming air i walked heaven and earth in mind to hold down, as my aunt was smilingly chatting on her social media, completely oblivious of what this so made to be helper young man-me for that matter, was experiencing in silence! To cut the long fuming story short, after a thrilling 30 minutes of breaking all the traffic laws made for Kenya road users and the world at large,we arrived in Nairobi safely, and definitely, this is not why i thought i needed a scooter!

…..-a quick recap of events so far

So this is where we are now, we have gone out of my grandparents house, walked some distance to the terminus, driven to the city by a Matatu, walked all the way to the bus stop( you might have noticed all this are parts i’ld rather we forget for we agreed to focus above there somewhere) so now my aunt who has a ticket and her luggage safely booked is ready to bound the bus, still it hasn’t rained, remember the umbrella i said she had carried? well the reason for this recap, one thing she knows Mombasa will be sunny at the time she gets there, she also knows so well that i don’t like walking around carrying umbrellas,maybe because i have no long hair that costed me a lot of money to make and would need retouch if rained on, or maybe because i am simply a man-by this i mean like the stupid aspect of it so activists don’t judge me so rationally, or because i freaking don’t like walking around with it. But my aunt, being who she was and indeed this is where the opening part of this piece comes in hand, where some ladies can be so compelling-remember this? to cut it short! after some argument, aimed at me not going back with the damn umbrella, i ended up heading back to the Matatu terminus holding an umbrella in my hand, her freaking umbrella! How she did it? Ask the ladies, and this is absolutely not why i thought i needed a scooter!

by the way i left the part where we said goodbye by choice, that too is not the reason why i thought i needed a scooter…

Here comes the good part in thought!

part one; the clouds!!

The eastern clouds which took their time decided to descend upon the city and its environs that late afternoon, luck would have it, that the first time in life i ever carried an umbrella would be the day cats and dogs proverbially fell on Nairobi without mercy, the look on my face as i smiled under the comfort of that umbrella which i had thought to be freaking unnecessary awhile ago, would have made up for all the good things unfolding in someones eyes. As usual in Nairobi when it rains, the Matatu prices were hiked with a tripling effect, so if you paid 50 bob on any ordinary day, you had to cough thrice as much, which resulted into what one can easily call human traffic, stagnant as it was, many people were somehow searching for cover from the rain under very crazy shelters, meanwhile i was comfortably awaiting the next Matatu charging a fair price in my comfort from an open shelter, under the umbrella, for the umbrella was all i needed.

but…that’s not why i thought i needed a scooter…

part two; on my way home…..the present

So under the comfort of my umbrella,now my comes in huh? in the pursuit of a fair priced Matatu fare, a long came a present. She was among those college chaps i spoke about earlier, was covering her seemingly expensive to maintaine hair in a polythene bag, holding a small bag over her forehead-i think this was an attempt at salvaging some of her facial make-up lest the rain would wash it away, leaving trails of what it was along her face on it way down as it follows the laws of gravity.

” hey, could i please join you” her soft pleasant voice as she addressed the thoughtful me, of all chaps in that loud ”musicd ” Matatu that we drove to the city in, me…. it was me she would address?

Yes you could, was a good and fair response as we got to not only share the umbrella in a wonderful chat, but live to tell the secret story of what ensued there after in another life, if a single umbrella which i never wanted had such enormous influence to make a not so single me then,  and the power in a girls wit-full world, how about a scooter??  …then maybe, that’s why i thought i needed a scooter, but all of it, all was in thoughts!! And come to think of it, true love cannot always be started from a scooter, if you know which scooter i mean, but a scooter can be the means  of experiencing it in style, well style, style knows not so many hearts!! thats the scooter deal for you —


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