No crucifix for me

In this fall, i will not try so hard to deal with politics,

neither will i spend time trying to guess or forecast who wins or not,

nor will i feel the thrill and the chill before its done- in Kenya that is!

this is so lame, yes i know,

but more lame is the shenanigan around politics in this land.

no crucifix for me, and this early i declare!


Crucified is the man or woman-for that matter,

who is merely speaking the truth in Kenyan voting patterns


what at the end of the day informs majority of voters,


and nothing else,

it’s very unfortunate!

but this is the reality on the ground,

a very sad pattern that Kenya has somehow failed to extinguish!

to exterminate and cast away from it’s political fabric!!

Issues and real policy dreams, beautiful as they ever could be,

somehow fly out the window when election fever rises in this beautiful land,

that’s why staying away from this fever, and miles far away…

will save someone some wrinkles from the frown anger this comes with- the frustration!

..not that staying away makes sense in this era,

but somehow one feels an escape of some sort is at times required.

thus, this fall,

no crucifix for me, my opinion is sealed!!!


2 thoughts on “No crucifix for me

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