the festive gift

This Christmas,

my gift might not come packed in awesome boxes,

wrapped with shiny warm colors- like many will,

nor will it be so tangible to hold by hand,

nor will it be so edible that you can enjoy the delicacy,

nor will it be so obvious that you will forget after boxing day.

in fact, i hope you keep it deep down your heart,

for a little wisdom never hurts a yearning heart.

so my friend you you my friend of friends,

this fall, a piece of advice,

i might not be too old to be so wise,

but wisdom comes to us in many forms,

and it is in this fall that i realize only too well by heart,


in life, if you reduce the amount of expectation from others to you,

if you lower the level of that which you expect them to do,

you will have reduced in height and length the amount of disappointments in heart,

its better to be surprised by surpassed action by others in joy,

than to drown in the frustration of that which they didn’t do,

i wish you a wonderful festive season!


2 thoughts on “the festive gift

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