After the break

After the break, all i wanted was to never have to tell a story,

questions like how good has it done for me so far

(the telling, the fun, all of it)

arose in the darkest corners of my darker than most matter,

but there comes a time when you realize that that’s just who you are

-the one that tells it without fear of being judged,

without need for comfort in the favor of having one other do it for you,

that’s just you,

the simple you,

and you feel good when you let it out there,

open to interpretations even contrary to how you pictured it,

just you,

naked as you came to the world,

you can spin it,

though this is part of the evils that the world has spiced upon your mind,

but just you in your own words makes you feel the thrill,

the satisfaction,

and that it’s you in your own world of thoughts,

simple as you came!


After the break you start using but, not that you mean butts or buttocks,

but the written!

And so it thunders like a storm around the air space,

like an earth-quick it makes the earth tremble,

and that’s the power of a story,

and you are happy to be the tool to make it reach many,

and rich in its own way,

in its world,

a world of thought turned into text!


After the break you start to realize.

That, that’s me in my world of thoughts typed using this alphabet

the one i felt that i needed to learn to look like i make sense

-not that without it i wouldn’t,

but it surely enriches the meaning of sense in another level,

in another way,

in a way many can understand

and now i am inclined to swim the muddy waters of sense

and lack of it,

lucky though is one fact,

we can all embrace it if we reach out!


For my conservative friends who were concerned i lost it!

As you might have noticed-that is if you are not German, that i have somehow abandoned some  grammar rules not in this piece but in many-by this i mean English grammar rules, the one where you need to have some space before the start of a paragraph-by the way the Germans don’t use it for they have the need to maximize usage of space, maybe to save more trees like my teacher once said but i think otherwise for they also write so many unnecessary letters which would have saved more trees if that was to be averted, anyway too much tree talk, i am writing on the web so no tree will be harmed if you don’t print this.


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