You give me wings

You might not know it for its hard to even tell about it,

so lets start, let me speak it out, if its the last thing i do in this world,

lets start.

You don’t know a lot about me, i too don’t know a lot about you.

I wish and i want to know, i hope you too would wish and want to know,

if not, i am wrong, or maybe wrong, its human, being wrong at times,

and like you, i am human, i could and may be wrong, but lets start anyway.

So, picture this,

when i am around you, even in thoughts, i feel free!

So so free that i could fly, you give me wings!


I feel that i can talk without gags, i can dance crazy, i can say weird things,

sometimes stupid, at times smart and all will amount to a joke.

that i can express myself in a way never before.

You give me wings!

to be free, to be fly, to be free to fly high,

i don’t want to be fried like french fries in a pan of misunderstanding,

but you should know, and my thoughts are clear, free from booze or anything, just free,

the cool free.

You are like a cure to this bubbling tummy,

where even the doctors find none, you cure, a free bubbly cure.

so you have a magic that gives this kind of bubble like butterflies in thought,

and in the heart like no other time before, in my time,

shy is me for this is like non that i had before

you give me wings!


In other times where such connections existed in me, the bubble was different,

like it was somehow connected with a thin lining of stress, yours is of freedom,

that of a free me, that which heals my chronicle self destructive ulcers, that which frees my ill health in thought,

no medicare can suppress this, this free me, and such you..ha! you give me wings.


I wish and i know i want to know you, but not in an interview way like,

where questions are asked in a systematic way like we have been taught to ask,

or programmed to, no, that’s not me now, that’s not the free me way,

no no no, i predict a no chance chance, but at least i am free in a way,

maybe the wings can be gone, but this discovery, that i can have them in thought,

wow! its amazing! you give me wings..


I wished to know you through you, through your way of life, through you,

you and your experiences in the day to day life, and maybe that’s how i wish to be known,

like from being near you, and far from you, truth, this can backfire, but this is free and so freeing

okay crazy-one might add, its not normal, neither are wings and ” freeness”

the world might be right, follow the normal way and get there, but without free feeling,

okay, i get it, or maybe fail, its not just your decision i tell this me, its complicated and complicated is life,

less free life.

But, to be honest is to be free, and to be free in this way,

to be this free me, to be in this state, it feels awesome,

free souls last in vanity, or some might say but free for a minute is worth more than any day in a life,

you give me wings.


Normal never gives deserved freeness, i don’t say freedom deliberately if you may,

normal never understands this free me, normal never understands many things anyway.

so how do i expect this free me to be understood,

me with wings in thought and saying it out here-crazy.

i would have encouraged a flight to this free paradise of a feeling,

no stress attached, no much worries to bear grief, no such ”normalities”,

and maybe i would have been wrong on a friday night, but day break comes soon,

i would have said in a silent soft inner voice,

you gave me wings, don’t be afraid, lets fly for i have them,

but soft and silent are tender, and tender is fragile in this day and age,

their place is just in the heart, the weeping heart…

you give me wings!!!





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