Even at my worst

SteveI heard and listened to others before me who had failed,

they somehow reflected on me at my worst,

not that their worst made them happy at the moment,

not there there was any glory in talking about this part of them for them,

truly there isn’t even in telling of this me, me at my worst,

but even in my worst i still lived,

i still had friends who adored and stood by this version of me,

my worst failed version that so discourage was,

my worst version that so broken felt,

my worst version that so lost was,

my worst version that could not even identify the real me,

and they saw the real me, even as i diminished, but from a distance!

For them, a beacon of hope for me, i would come back.

And soon it looked-my comeback, though this soon was not forth coming soon.

Even at my worst they saw soon!


But there, though sometimes and many, frustrated, they stood.

Viewing me-the real me in that varnishing distance but still hoping,

still encouraging, though discouraged!

still fighting for, to remind me of the me they knew,

even at my worst, they still cared.


So could it be that whoever spoke of finding a treasure in a friend must have pictured me all along?

Though long it was when they said this, long before me,but of me they spoke, and so i feel.

And how can i disappoint again?

Even at my worst i lived, and never can i embrace me at my worst, not if i know about it,

but they did, and now my worst is gone, or so i think, maybe i know.

It’s vague for me to detail but i remember this, they stood by me, encouraged and fought for,

even at my worst, the saw a treasure.


They spoke of the nine lives for a cat who survives, and well my worst is gone,

not that i know which lives of the nine i extinguished, but i still live.

So not done, so not in my dark clout again, so refurbished and energized,

and out of my worst in comes a new better brighter me,

a me who knows that one can fail and stand and move faster or slow, its all a choice,

a me who definitely remembers that your worst doesn’t determine who you are, you are still you,

i was me somehow, you are you somehow at any time

and soon a stronger you or a better me will emerge after the worst is gone,

a not just happy smiley me or you, a more focused and ready to achieve goals as well,

so fear not the worst moments you encounter, fear not, for even at your worst, a better you can emerge.

just know that even at your worst, someone sees a real you, even from a distance, do not disappoint a lot if a comeback is a choice for you,

even at your worst an ounce of hope sits awaiting you, though in frustration but still waiting, you gotta come back!

Your worst is not your end, mine wasn’t!!


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