i wanted to surprise you


I wanted to surprise somebody today

and perhaps make a smile curve out of those dimpled cheeks,

as i type down here for you for you!

And tell her that life is sweet and simple as she is awaited,

that milk and honey flow in a particular heart somewhere not far from here,

that she has all the best of regards and deserves nothing but the best,

that good connection and energy shall find her,

that life will be bigger and better


as beautiful as she will have it,

that beauty is what and where her name shall be

in the heart of hearts of all around


i wanted to surprise somebody today,

and as you may know in your heart of hearts,

holly of all hollies bottom,

that the person i wanted to surprise is non other than you,

that i wanted to surprise you, you you you…..

……my voice is fading now…..


that person i wanted to surprise,

is you!

i hope this finds you well and cheerful!!

have a wonderful evening!!!!!!



36 thoughts on “i wanted to surprise you

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