Mbugu was the mind, Sobo was the hands and the physical embodiment they bring, and together they got the deal. We are now travelling back in time, its somewhere around 1970s, a time i had not been born, in fact if it gives you any solace, my parents had not met by then, so the prospect of i being born a decade and half plus after was so deem, no one would have believed it if you joked that after the dust cleared and all was settled it would one day be upon me to tell this story, no one would even imagine this, being conceived and grown and telling it from where i am siting in the language that i am using was beyond anybodies imagination. that this is exactly what is happening is a thing to merry about, but that’s not the story today, or is it? So ladies and gentlemen, buckle up for Ulaghai, and ulaghai is swahili for fraud, as you will ably find out in google-that is, if your google translator is as good as me in this language.

The deal? well lets get to business, they had (the two dudes, Mbugu and sobo ofcourse) somehow out of Mbugu’s wits and charm managed to convince a restaurant owner based in Nairobi to buy some groceries from them, see one thing, selling groceries to a Nairobi based trader meant you had stroke the best deal ever, but the two had no land neither did they have capital, but the former with his skills in speech was cool and he had a plan that would work, they would be middle men or go betweens for sometime ( between the farmers and the restaurant owners)and invest their profits in cultivating their own land in future, this he communicated to the former right before approaching the Nairobi trader. so are you still with me? so all Sobo would need to do and thats why he was in the deal, was to provide his manual labor in transport, mind you they would do it together but lack of capital had forced Mbugu to inform him of the plan and where his vision was and how it would work, should he have had little money for labor or to hire a pick up van, then he would have done it on his own, so i hope you understand his financial quagmire and the way he sort to deal with it. though in my opinion, his way was way way below his smartness!!

So they walked to the farmers around the present day Thindigua estate, it used to be a coffee farm back in the day, they explained about how the farmers would benefit and about how they would pay the next day for every plant supplied and of how this would follow the following weeks. The farmers agreed and by night fall they had already secured several bags of groceries ready to hand over to the customer the next day!

You must be asking yourself why Ulaghai? well here it comes. The dudes lived in a rental cubical together, so after the days work they ate and slept. With the prospect of a hard day next morning, Mbugu felt he needed enough sleep, he needed to rest and work the next day thinking about how and where they would get more groceries if the farmers around exhausted their crops, however in the other corner, another theater was taking shape, Sobo, who was in this deal out of luck and not strategy, was thinking something else. He pretended to be a sleep, woke up early before the agreed time, went and moved the bags to a safer place, called the customer and delivered the goods, got the money they run home and acted to be asleep, dead in sleep!

At around six in the morning, he would wake Mbugu and act in a hysteria telling him we need to go now, the client might be awaiting us, we don’t want to be late so hurry up such load of bollocks considering what he had done right? Ulaghai!

So the two left, went to the storage, the bags were missing, huh! Sobo was like? hahaha! Mbugu laughed after seeing the staged scene. So you think i don’t know? he asked..know what? his Ulaghai friend answered with a surprised or suppressed question or non of the above, giving him a look that would have made any judge acquit him. Cut the crap! i know you woke up early, moved the merchandise and in fact sold it to the client, i know this because after you left at four, i followed you…this is how its gonna be, you will give me my cut, pay those farmers and i sure as hell don’t ever want to see you in my life! Shock and panic were the resultant facial look on Sobo’s face as reality struck his bonny head! After this he enjoyed a few years of Ulaghai in jail, died before i was born in one cold prison cell for his other crimes not this, this was only enough to cost him a friendship. he had other ulaghai’s down his way to jail hell, on the other hand, mbugu would live to be a father, bring up his kids and tell me this story as it is, when i tell it, i miss him, when i talk of honor i miss him, everyday i miss him because he was my dad who installed this in me, its not where you are, but where you want to be, but son remember, how you get there really matters a lot, you never want to be there full of skeletons in your closet, now go, go go and find yourself, go and hold your dream, but go knowing and please do not forget this, well. i haven’t and yes honorable fare well thee papa!!


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