just a damn paper!!

Your decisions in life,

all of them, within and out of your bonds,

where you live,

and where you can’t afford to live

what you learn,

and what you can’t afford to learn,

which food you eat and where you get it,

and which you cannot afford to get,

all of it,

i control,

i have no mind,

but you mindless smart waste must mind getting me,

for i decide without a mind,

yet, i am just a damn paper and i run your show.


its amazing how in the first place you made me,

you human mind,

and then you lost it,

your mind.

you go crazy over me,

crazy over a damn paper me!

Do you ever think about it?

ha! that i am a paper? ha!

you must be kidding…

who you fall in love with should be your choice,

yet, in most instances,

i determine who you end up with,

most of the times,

you are forced to swallow your damn pride and settle,

settle for less than you desire,

i am your measure!

at least that’s what you made of me you in your lost mind!

just a damn paper, some percentage cotton and a fill of linen!

damn! my damn maker, yet i make you go nuts looking for me!


So you start wars in my search,

you make enemies you cannot afford, seriously?

and feign fake friendships in my search, damn you!

are you damn stupid or is this a joke? like the joke me, you choke!

Tsch!!!tsch!…huh! i am breathless….but..wait…

do you ever stop and think, at least for a moment?

just a damn paper, some percentage cotton, with a linen fill.

for this you would kill?

for this you would settle for less than you desire?

damn paper!

you must be kidding me!

Yet you never kid in my search!

just a damn paper, without a mind and i run your life,

mostly to ruins, but you break sweat in my search,

nothing sweet on the way to me,

i am your measure, your mindless measure,

funny that its you who has the mind, but then you lost it,

you lost it on your way to my search!

damn me, just a damn paper!


my humor is rare,

no glory or honor but your honor is now lost in me,

i would be funny if i was a serviette,

or a tissue paper,

but i blind you, i damn buy the serviette,

damn me!

i am on top, even in the paper kingdom,

i am your measure,

the damn me, just a damn paper!!

don’t read so much into me,

freaking go and search me,

you mindless being,

go, go go search for me,

you don’t want to end up without me,

you can’t afford not to have less of me, so go,

go go go search for me, damn me

and i am just a damn paper!

but this, you will forget! i swear!

because you will lose your mind as usual,

shall i remind you again,

of who i am?


some % cotton with a linen fill,

a damn paper! just that, a damn paper.

And you will chase me forever and never have enough of me,

enough of the damn paper me!!!!……..


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