what if

what if the world had courage instead of fear,

and that the words we learn because we are taught to utter universally like our national anthem is love,

instead of hate or segregation that seems to be the norm everywhere in a government system,

or what if love was a big word phrased and sung as a universal national anthem and so believed,

and real peace would mean what it pacifies world over no corner excluded,

and that respect would mean exactly so for all ways of life,

and that trade would not mean exploiting the ones who are luck to have raw materials and vice versa,

wouldn’t that be beautiful?

i wonder yet i know and beauty would finally have a feeling world over,

non would feel the need to show how more important their kind is for equality would mean exactly that,

no need to prove supremacy for inferiority complex would not be a word in any dictionary,

low self esteem would be a word only aliens use.


what if,

we all learnt and agreed from now that nothing good lasts forever,

and that most good things are free and simple in life,

and focus today on this lovely feeling.

ooh this feeling,

but this beautiful feeling of connecting with you,

of belonging to the world together and most of all

of  love,

feels good to love,

loving? yes!! if the love we receive and give out is stronger than the test of time,

stronger than the limit of death

and  stronger than the dark cloud of a broken heart..

you are not alone, a wonderful idea of comfort yeah?

so i shout to the top of my voice..

i go crazy but i hope my lungs can handle the air shoot…

I LOOOOOVE YOU..its youooo!!  its you all,

I wish you good health, peace, laughter and happyness,

may the stars shine apon your fortunate path

shine blightly towards achievement, prosperity, chance and opportunity

and may you not only feel loved but also share love for this is a magical feeling on its own!

what if we began shouting this even if its on our hearts silently,

we the readers and share it and see if love is not contagious,

what if we find out it is and we can be the first of a kind to spread it?

what if i wish you a lovely weekend is a phrase to go by this weekend?

what if i leave it to you in your own words but still your own burden of responsibility?

what if i am gone now?……..


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