Children, we are in charge!!

Before i go ahead, i would like to notify the reader that the following content will be written in kikuyu-a kenyan language, my mother tongue and then translated, no, expounded in English, a language thats not mine or yours, ours, we the children of this world, it’s a rhetoric my mama and her peers loved to force down our throughts, so have i gotten your attention…someone say yeah..Marco and jimmy said yeah, so i hope they saved the day for all of it and if i did not get your attention, comment in complaint, i surely will understand, so my mama and her rhetoric!

Wait, its on a tuesday night, why the rhetoric? okay, i just had a bad day at work, i am in the same time expecting a letter that never arrived for quiet some while, quiet a time..and my freaking sparkasse bank refused to send me my pin number after sending me my Atm card, pissed off as i am and was, i visited them, it turns out i need to order a new one on my bill…like hell it’s their mistake why do i get to pay for it? well i am foreign so my german is not enough for such an argument, i give up but i can not be sad about this or the so well explained reasons, i switch to the real me, the happy me, they surely can not win and i go back to my mama’s rhetoric to forget now you get my background and why instead of showering hot and sleep i find myself smiling and typing..welcome!!

She is leaving to join other women for the annual Ngwatanirwo..what is Ngwatanirwo in English? i don’t know exactly, it turns out there is no one equivalent word, so this is how it is, women meet to talk about women stuff and progress, both economic and social, the agenda is women and yes they do it in my land, a lot i dare say, its like a women’s guild or something, see,i don’t know more for i am unlucky to be a man, maybe i should ask my sister, but she will not tell me a lot because they don’t speak about their agendas and issues with me, maybe my daughter shall know this, only that she is not yet born because i am yet to fall in love and make one, so i don’t know because i can’t know, for understand? where were we?? Okay she is leaving, at this day and age, me and my big brothers are still young, she has a list of what is normally her chaos, but today its on our hands to take care off, and so her rhetoric!

Ng’ombe mutikahe mahuti nginya njuke ( don’t feed the cows until i come back), Mburi nacio mutikahe mai ( don’t water the goats)-i wonder why she fed them and not gave them water, Nguo nacio murithirie ( let the clothes-that she had hand washed, be rained on…heheeh she is now parking her bag, forget one item and going for it, calling for some of her friends to wait for her as she dishes out this rather weird responsibilities, no not weird, awkward,  Ngui nayo muhingurire mugicikithanagia na iria ingi..( let the dog out during the day and make dog fights with the rest- i know the germans are lost here, the african dog is only let out at night so letting it out during the day was what made boys boys, and making dog fights against your rival friends was a thrill at our time, ikomb’e nacio ngore munjuragiire ciotho ( let me find you having brocken all my cups-china)

weeeeeeeeee….it means youuuuu….in a serious way, like i am pointing at you, try doing one of those staff she said and you would be in hot soup when she returned….the fun can be lost for using another language but if you got what i intended to mean, then you would love it, i am not showing off, but this was what got me away form the shit in life, what about you, what gets you laughing when the burdens in life threaten to destroy..destruction please, no lies!!



6 thoughts on “Children, we are in charge!!

  1. hehehe hihihi ona nguku mureke irare ja ( Even the chickens-indigenous ones that are usually brought up on free hold, let them sleep outside, normally they should be locked inside in the evening)


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