Read me with an accent,

lets try,

you with yours, yes you and your accent,

try me loud,

you here, me there, do you hear me, no don’t listen,

read me loud, don’t lead me..

so we agree,

don’t listen to me, listen to you, read me, don’t lead me away, right?

how loud?

well, decide..we will not decide together, but loud,

loud enough to hear you, you to hear you from here where i stand, not me to here,

you, you, you, you loud…you..your voice..

this is crazy, i am ..but just a little, but you,

well, i cannot tell,

but listen, yes you, to you, to you you, you and your voice…

okay i was just kidding, but listen, listen not to me, but you, you you, you you, your voice.

Accent makes you you, yes you you, your voice,

mine is mine, me me me, and its not just me, but foreign me,

today is you, so listen, to you, and not to me, mine is foreign, yours?

i don’t know, but foreign to me,

are we all foreign to us?

i don’t know,

do you? you you? do you? do you know?



3 thoughts on “Accent…

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