Well, would you care to ask,

but ask anna, not me,

of those wild worldly dreams in your mind, in your mind, in your mind, just in your mind

of those smiles you dare not curve, ooh not curve ooh not curve…

of those wonderful moments you let go, let go let go,

why you work so hard but let go, let go

oohh let go, work lets you go,



ask anna,

You mind not minding to ask i presume,

so ask,

how she does it, oooh how,

how this crazy world somehow affords to rotate in her realm so differently, ooh how??

how in stressing time she finds dance…ask

how out of a thicket in a deserted  berlin, she finds some thing crazy funny..

could it be that she is funny, or do funny things just happen to her and around her?



i will not ask..


You probably will know how it is,

that charm and beauty find a common space in a person,

how dance and big dreams balance in ones mind,

how creativity and fun can be a tool, shared to many in smiles and laughter

how tolerance and heavy jokes define a being,

its a rhetoric but ask,

i said heavy to mean even naughty but ask…just ask


You will ask her and not me because she knows,

because she has it all and can manage to balance, ask, ask Anna she knows




One thought on “Ask

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