Not a dime is enough!

When you grow old and wise,

you’ll understand



love doesn’t cost a dime,

no damn dime is enough in love.

The cost is higher than any dime made by man,

Your time and presence and appreciation and passion and care and a concoction of all

is surely more than a damn dime.

man illusion himself with dimes that other men made to confuse him,

and all along no damn man’s dime is enough to express,

that which many other ways can better express,

so dime may come and go,

but the child in the mutual feeling should be conserved to always feel real,

to always feel genuine and tender,

for no dime is enough,

not that dimes don’t damn matter,

just that they don’t in the way that many feel,

and that’s perhaps the reason the fall of man is the opposite of what desire is made of,

the desire to fall in love but many find themselves fall out of it chasing the wind in dimes,

no, no, no and capital No, dimes are not enough to matter more,

but luck of dimes in the life as we know it is a disaster we all must elude,

now dime-less man gets damn confused,

but wait, do you have to spend all your days and your day’s hours from sunset to sunrise,

or from dawn to dusk chasing dimes?

sunset sunrise confuses you in your shifts ja??

Damn! give me a break, no dime is enough!

Pack your time right, make your time possible and avail your presence,

this things also matter, to some extent even more!

Being about to chase dimes for the day, i am not a proud dude,

but damn that the world forces us on a chase we know well is after wind,

and the current wind blows fast,

damn dimes and damn that i know,

not a dime is enough!


wonderful day, oooyyyee who have to chase dimes!! ooooyyyeee ma!!!


When i come back, remind me to tell you a story about a man, his dog and a jack in a country road…..the search for dimes confused and now i see, i haven’t been telling you stories for a long time!! live nice, live long and most importantly let life be fired up in our life in a real way!!

one quote from whoever, ”As is life so is love, not how long it is, but how good it is that really matters, i wish you a good day in life, a good everyday!“


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