Makes you feel…legit!!

Though you knock knock on her facebook, surely it should have been on her room,

to see her face, not in some sort of a book, online and faceless, facebook,

actual face, actual with a smile and you would have laughed,

as you droll around the idea of a lovely feeling.

A feeling that somehow makes you feel legit!


but this is not the story!

At least not today!!!

huh! crazy heeh?


Crazy is them, they talking about a walk in paradise,

a walk in streets lit by the stars,

(reminds you of africa, of home

where there are not so many street lights

but somehow the moon and the stars conspire to give light to the otherwise so dark upcountry towns)


but this is also  not the story today!!

at least not today!


(so, where were we??) aaah remember! the walk, the crazy they, their crazy talk, their crazy walk talk!

makes you feel legit!


a walk in this green jungle overflown with noisy waterfalls,

ha! their rainbow like shades of color as the sun shines baffles you,

a dubious kind of imagination that you know not how to explain,

but its real, its actual, its legit,

you can only invite one to imagination, so please  if you are reading just imagine,

you know, if beauty had a description, a legit description,

then this would be it.

so take the walk with me, together we might get lost, but we will walk far,

lost but far in this magnificent beauty that one can only be invited to imagination,

this makes you feel legit….


… if it doesn’t then legit is a senseless word


Life happens, we only know how, but never why until its too late,

but this walk is not too late,

caution, we might get lost but we will get far, far far in this magnificent beauty,

as happiness be-follows us like a tale,

should it fail,

then love refused to befall us on this plate that somehow reminds you of a clean slate,

clean and fresh, new, ready to take of, ready to leave the station,

but open to chance and suggestions,

the choice is legitimate and so open to options, options that you can somehow provide,

call me crazy as i join them, them?..the crazy they who i spoke of talking about this walk.

This street star lit walk, like an upcountry African town

Its upon you for your heart to shine in the imaginary shades of color like a noisy waterfall!


doesn’t sound legit but somehow, makes you feel…. legit


(speaking of water)

Let those diamond shaped tears flow for a good reason,

for happiness, for a happy you, for a new chapter, for you and your laughter in full.

Though watery eyes look appealing before the tear flows, like there is that genuineness look,

let it flow for genuineness like legit is real!


So imagine this gets somehow somewhat reciprocated,

by non other than the reason you dream,

the reason dreams somehow somewhat sometimes make sense,

and you want to hold on to them,

so let nobody wake me up otherwise you might have to sing me a lullaby

and sooth me for yet a continuation of the same dream,

and if you can’t, i will be mad at you when i wake up.

Not that you need any reason to dream, or a soothing lullaby

but at least this one time you know why you dreamt,

and as of no kind of a dream ever did, this one feels real,

hails and hails of anger and insults to whoever unlucky enough to wake you

because this one somehow somewhat feels legit,

you have been somewhere and anywhere before but here, in this dream, in this droll of reality,

you want to be! for you, for you are you and you reloaded!

and that, well that! that feels legit!!

makes you feel………and feel—– and feeel……legit!!


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