They just can’t win

Pickpockets, a nightmare that has of late rocked Berlin’s transport and social system, almost crumbling it as fear floods all over otherwise happy people. Every Friday and Saturday night as people meet friends, as they rave in this feeling of yes the week is gone, that paper i worked on is gone, or that rosy colleague at work can have a two day break from my life- this way life will be less miserable for me, yes it is this and other vibrant feelings that drive people to fun on the weekend, but careful! There are those out there to do an ordinary civilian harm.

Two weeks ago  i bought an S4, see with me and electronics- they just have to be new, i would rather take my time saving for one, than end up with a second hand gadget whose problem only god and the last owner knows! So that’s it, had i known that this would be the magnet to having my wallet stolen, all my cards, huuuh! this freaking pickpockets, and why should they win? they just can’t win!! making people lose sleep and appetite yet you walk around thinking you are invisible! I wonder if we should start wearing tags saying they just robbed me of my other phone please leave me in peace, or maan you already did it to me once, find some other victim or something!! i am changed man somehow so i will not curse out notoriously today!!but that’s where words like shit come in normaly.

Its unfair and nobody needs to buy two phones in a month, surely unfair, losing all the contacts as someone flushed your line not caring about the negative effect of such an action! they should not win! Something must be done, something has to be done!

Joining the league in this croaked city by night are some young ladies- i don’t who is able to convince a bride to act in such a way and the how? but i swear they are there, they create great diversion kissing the poor drunk or sleeping target as the act happens without suspicion. they surely cannot win! By the way why do we have the freaking CCTV’s on the trains if one or two gangs are allowed to pick the pockets of a whole city? seriously???? They should not win! no they can’t!

Okay i get it, maybe this is good business opportunity for insurance companies, i mean we need it now, its obvious that having to buy a second phone feels worse than paying a premium, though this are two bad feelings as they both require you to dig deeper in your pocket to cough the dough out. Seriously, they just need the dough in your pocket, that a young man can not keep the little he earns! They should not win!

Okay they have one too many rounds on me, hands up i give it to them, but in light of that, there is a flip side to anything and everything, having the cop who was filling the abstract give me a stern look after he discovered that this was the second time i lost my phone, somehow challenged me, seriously am i really becoming this careless, surely something about me really needs to change, and now i know what, and this change will mean to me they can*t win! No more booze in a long time, and even then in that futuristic time, will be so responsible, the price is just too much to ignore, and that’s why they cannot win……


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