Pregnant with a time-bomb

Where talking without action got us? nobody cares!

And so now the world will hear of it,

mother nature has always warned us, and warmly so

but the inhabitants of this 21st century so ignorant,

so chasing after dreams, in the highly scotching sun.

Dreams that tend ignore the obvious risk,

and the obvious being so visible,

even to that stupid coward in the block who throws trash anywhere.

But the world, being the world, the stupidity full world,

so ignorant yet so pregnant with a time-bomb!and expecting it without a plan


Sitting on it and living happy in oblivion, yes we are!

But like a pregnancy, the conceiving day is a long the horizon,

whether we like it or not,

whether we wear blinders to the vivid horizon,

it doesn’t matter, a pregnancy must be conceived,

you can conceal it for sometime, but not forever.

you can be like the fool who hides closing his eyes,

and thinking, ”If i can not see the predator, he can’t see me”

but reality is, you need to open those eyes before your flesh satisfies someone for lunch.

And like so, so is mother nature, and she is angry-ready to hit back,

so be ignorant all you want, but still as the sun rises and sets,

so is the protruding pregnancy with a time bomb, and you sitting on it.


If i was in a coastline, i would plant a tree every free moment i get,

if i was a policy maker i would set funds for trees world over,

if i had a clear sight other than this blinders i wear, i would see over the horizon clearly,

perhaps clarity would somehow enlighten the dump me,

i would plant a tree as i type this,

i would water it as i water those flowers,

i would, i would i would, why can’t i now?

sitting on a pregnancy expecting a time-bomb ignorant as only i can be

and i, with an eye that cannot see for i wear blinders,

with ears that are so dumb i can not hear, for i have important things to listen to??

i have hands that i could water the plant with but busy currying other things ready to catch elusive dreams,

well elusive they shall be when mother nature decides to conceive!

With a mouth that can speak about this yet so busy discussing money issues

-like money is so so important, or so they made me talk about it??

like without it there would be no life? huh!

sitting on a time pregnant bomb, God help me if i let it burst the bubble of comfort i know too well.

Okay, stupid as i am, i could act now and maybe something good could come from stupid me,

or me that is stupid, by the way a stupid me can act, how about an intelligent you?

Intelligently sitting in your ready to burst bubble, intelligent you??

Policy makers- policy makers my foot!, they make me lose it,

driving people on willing blinders yet still steering,

all this and then, knowing well, we are in trouble as we drive along,

sitting happy as things worsen,

there was once a policy i knew off in .Ke, if you cut one, plant two-whatever happened to it?

Only deforestation can tell. ( As i walk away, losing my cool, i still remind you that we are but

pregnant with a time-bomb, please don’t let it go off in my time! )



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