Proverbial Cats and Dogs, the after math

You wished to laugh while telling the tales of how a furniture making company near your flat was leaking as the proverbial cats and dogs rained on Berlin without warning or care, of how funny and strange it was seeing those neatly dressed-heavily soaked with water, workers draining the water out using buckets through the balconies and how third-world like,Berlin was made to look as the heavy quiet short rain somehow brought it to its’ knees, of how traffic jam made you feel like Nairobi had somehow sneaked its’ wrath here searching for Berliners ruthlessly and the drainage, though Berlin’s drainage is one of the best, this proverbial pets sought to prove a point, which they did-at least for an hour or so! But on its’ feet, strong as ever, Berlin did not concede to a black out -Nairobi would have, thumbs up, huts down, Berlin was Berlin, strong as ever though somehow wounded. Yes you wished to narrate such stories!!

But today, you woke up at around 10:30 A.M. not so proud of yourself, but it’s okay – you are still enjoying your Uhlaub ( holiday), two days to go, today being one of them. Cool. You start by checking on your phone, there was this technician who was supposed to check  in on the roof situation on this day-says your diary in the mind, and this is thanks to these proverbial cats and dogs, maybe he called you fear, but you easily and happily find out he hasn’t. cool. In this cool stance getting up, dressing with the breakfast idea in your mind switching on the laptop as you place your phone in your pocket- and they say a man cannot multitask??  damn! there is no internet connection, as quick as you can while losing your mindless mind, you rush to the living room where the router is located, half dressed with your Indian bathing towel-point of correction-not exactly bathing towel, but a summer walk around towel, you look like the Maasai but the colors are different, and it feels great to be free when the sun is hot!-not that it’s hot!!

The old router has a way of getting into your nerves, at such times you always vow to buy  a new one soon, a soon that never is but soon. Whenever the internet is low or not responding, your mind plays this trick on how badly you need to be online now or never, it’s like if you don’t get online there and then the world as we know it would seize to exist! You and your silent underhand cursing as you switch it off and on-like this is all you need to fix it? ha! This trick sometimes works for you but even your little technical mind knows that its only in your mind, that this is load of bollocks! So today  fate has it that you can switch it on and off as many times as you wish but the internet connection will not yield! Time and time again, amidst your curses and heavy breaths, one thing remains constant, internet reception  not available!!!

To ease this fuming anger that might have you mistaken for one of Khalesee’s dragons-if we talk breathing fantasy, you opt to switch on the T.V- something you rarely do, unless there is a big football or tennis match. shit! The T.V. is also not connected or something, you surf over all possible stations and none of them is connected, so no connection available for T.V? Jeeez! what the heck is happening? you recall the cats and dogs-proverbial, that fell on Berlin menacingly. So you think, a thing you rarely do when it comes to internet and T.V shit, is it that, fate and these proverbial pets conspired to drive me nuts this morning?

You need to call Jimmy, your technical buddy, and ask one or two things about this old router situation, that is obviously on your nerves at this point, you have a strong feeling that someone in your WG (flat share ) must have messed up with the router this morning before they left for work or classes, and leaving you to clear such mess?? shit! But what do you do, you are alone, you don’t want to speculate about who did it- does it matter anyway? you need to fix it to get out of this fix,you need to await the freaking late for work technician who by now is the secondary situation in your nerves -the other techshit not Jimmy,and the world would seize to exist as we know it if you don’t access internet now! So, the now you is perusing through pockets and looking around the flat all over, the places you have been to and not, you shit out a loud curse, which you took your time to piss out, so it’s loud if i say it is! you can’t find your phone! wherever you miss-placed it, only those proverbial cats and dogs and their shitty aftermath can explain!

Is the world leaving you to rot and languish in some sort of a stone age Thursday, as an aftermath mark of what those proverbial pets -which you keep none of, stand for in life? O.K. You are willing to contend that T.V and internet connection may have been the work of mother nature punishing you for your mockery yesterday after bragging of how happy you were that even she could not take this away from you – and this would be fair, an eye for and But how about the phone? the damn phone??

Now; here you are, not having found your phone yet, home alone without internet or T.V, still expecting a shitty technician who will come at a time when only Gods knows, mood-less in a four bed-roomed spacious flat which by now you have somehow tidied up listening to a shitty frequency radio that anger had you switch a minute ago to avoid banging it against the wall, and to make matters worse, its on Thursday- a day you consider lucky. Someone needs a warm shower, yet still, shit there was another technician you were expecting earlier this week to take care of the plumbing!! The bathroom is therefore out of bounds today. One thing you learn after heavy rains, is that you need this freaking technicians, and that it’s hard to get them on time, but they need to come to your rescue, they need to  fix things otherwise you are in a fix and the world as we know it still exists, and that’s why you feel provoked to the length of putting your fingers on fixing your own needs! Cats and dogs, the after math……..


2 thoughts on “Proverbial Cats and Dogs, the after math

  1. Thank you for your wonderful words. i have been blogging for just one year and a few months, i am not an expert on the blogging field i just use it to express my mind to this lovely world


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