Lost, all passion lost!

You may or may not write about all the wrongs you encounter,

you may right some wrongs if only you faced them face on like a man,

or like the man you think you are…or so you thought you were…

Lost, now you are lost…


what to do?

This you don’t know, you may have known though

if only it was yesterday, but today is another day

and yesterday is gone,

gone, gone gone,

like the wind discards dust, gone

And you know not of what to do,

lost, lost. lost, lost in thought!!

yesterday is gone with all solutions in life, lost

Today is another day, or so its supposed to be but lost…

all feels lost, all passion in life, lost!


Why you write?

Not about  the wrongs, but everything and anything??

who on earth knows? not you is a fact

You now concur

Lost, all passion lost!



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