I wonder

There is always an opposite,

caged and free hold, chained and unchained,

Assholes and free thinkers.

And so i wonder, should assholes always win?


As a free thinker-though free in my ream

i feel, most important of all important things,

i feel bad that life isn’t as free for all and so it comes

I wonder, i wonder why, i wonder more, should assholes always win?


To laugh, to smile, to dance, to love and feel loved damn to cum- the good things in life,

they all come as free as the air we breathe

yet i wonder why this is so hard for some to comprehend?

yet they win day by day as they steer others in the wrong direction!

Why do some people make rocket science look easier to understand than advancing freedom to born free humanity?

i wonder, should assholes always win?

I wonder, i wonder more than i wondered a minute ago.

i still wonder….question, question ..question???

Why do we-the others, the free thinkers and the rest, allow them to win?

I wonder- please bear with me i am wondering too much

And by the way i am wondering whether you’ll bear with me for using asshole a lot

i sincerely thought of another word to replace it,

but my ”non-free” free dictionary is so cruel and mean to me,

showing me nastier words like dickheads,

i settle for assholes for lack of a better option.

Yet i still wonder,

Why look away as your hard earned tax fights insane wars they start?

why listen to them knowing well the lie they tell to fool you and sleep soundly that night after clapping?

Lies that affect others entirely,

lies that determine somehow who you’ll see sited in a park and call cops for ”he looks suspicious” huh,

call the cops being used as an antidote to scare the heck out of a people….

lies like who looks like a monkey though in real sense how many breads of monkeys do you really know with their varying shades of color, yet you pick one…TCH!!!!!

i walk away with my wondering mind…i wander away in wonder!!!!!

Q…..its a wonder if you may!!!!!



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