I am not a fool, Who likes a fool?

I start my day at 4:00 Am, while the roaster rolls in sleep.

So as he crows, as he wakes others, i am already on my way.

I do this to actualize my plans for the future,

and the future is not for the lazy.

This i know, and hard work pays!

I am not a fool, who likes a fool?


As such, i work hard to earn a living, breaking sweat every dawning day,

i care about my plan, and fate says so should it be..

i run to catch the bus, i must be on time, the only thing on my mind!!

But i get discriminated upon on my path,

sometimes it’s just a stupid driver driving fast to leave me,

i don’t catch the bus-i will be late, he smiles as he abandons the stage,

i don’t give up, i walk.

And still within the path i get judged to be the fool who never caught up with the bus, even laughed at,

this reminds me that foolish people roam among us,

it should not stop me from focusing on my plans, and so it doesn’t!

for i am not a fool, who likes a fool?


Meet me on Friday night, as i dance to soothing music, it somehow clears my mind,

i smile,i laugh, i shake my body, i dance following the tune, i feel great-greater the the foolish driver who left in a hurry,

the thought of this somehow releases all the pressure life has thrown at me of late,i feel great and better.

I take a deep breath, air is free and freely flowing down my lungs, i feel free and fresh.

i am not a fool! but the world is full of fools, five folds i bet!


I create connections  to like minded people in this life, people who care, real people with real ideas and opinions,

ignoring the judgmental fools who know nothing about me but judge me in their ignorance.

I connect, i engage in talk, i trust, i invite, i welcome, i create ties and feel happy about it.

For connecting with others reigns supreme in the way i am wired,

and trust is a splendid gift you don’t wonna lose,

if you do, it’s like virginity, it’s gone completely,

i know this, so i trust, and trust me i don’t break it,

i am frank and sincere with a hope you’ll be the same.

I am not a fool, who likes a fool?


I treat people kindly like i want to be treated.

Some disappoint, though most appreciate,

i appreciate as many of them as should be appreciated while  i still breathe this free air in life,

for i experience life as it is, dream of what it ought to be and plan to steer a small difference towards that goal.

Though sometimes to be in life you have to learn how to be an asshole,

for assholes roam the world with us and sometimes should be treated as such,

but with a pinch of restraint-you don’t want to lose yourself n their unreal world!

I know this, for i am not a fool, who likes a fool?


I am simple, yet i survive in this complicated world.

How?….it’s a paradox, but trust me, i say it because i do.

I am clear, i am open minded, i am me and i live as such and only as such!

I got nothing to prove and i am sorry but i owe no one any apology for living.

I am not a fool, who likes a fool?


I care, i can not say i don’t, because i like being cared about,

but there are times, when i care less carelessly,

especially about other peoples business, i am not nosy though i am curious.

As such, i get to enjoy other few free things in life, like sleep.

I sleep so soundly like a little bird, not that i know why they use birds and not cats?

But i sleep without taking much care about the bird saying, i need a fresh mind the next day.

For why should i worry to stress about things i cannot change?

Such as color and being so around others? It’s complex, they say i should worry, i say i shouldn’t and sleep.

But they still talk, even a lot, i switch the T.V off and swear to not watch it again, and now i cannot sleep,

i just lost the appetite to snore soundlessly in my dream land, this i feel has been robbed of me.

Next step is a walk on this busy streets as i shake hands with a group of drunkards some of who i know, some i don’t…

And now i wonder, i wonder why? Why is complex, why is not easy to explain, even they know it-not the drunkards, they!

But why? Why should i be made to start a talk by defending myself?

I walk away and leave the already judgmental face in a hopeless stare gazing in my direction with disbelief,

i just shared a pinch of a piece of my mind and left the scene on that note.

I am not a fool, who likes a fool?


So now, if you must know, sometimes, i eat with my hands, knowing well i have some spoons,

For how can you eat Ugali with a spoon? i am not a fool, quit treating me as such, fool!


I like learning new things, new languages and tongues, new ways of doing things in this short life,

like this, i can make it easy to connect, to interact, to be useful, even helpful at times, this is me.

question; Isn’t connecting the best thing in life?

two: Isn’t humanity so blessed with easy connection ability than any other race of life?

Yet, humanity thrives on the chokes of those who seek to disconnect,

a gift yet a poisonous gift! meant to be a gift-connecting, the human award!

but i, i embrace and cherish the gift day in day out night fall to the next.

And wonder-though i am nosy here, how can one speak one language?

I refuse to limit myself to a region,

I am not a fool, who likes a fool?


I despise war and violence, to the extent of hating it. i take no part in it.

In fact, this is to campaign against it.

for it beats logic, how can people with some brain and mouth not sort issues with decorum?

At this point, i go crazy, i go crazy at the thought of loss, most importantly loss of life in a life full world.

I am not a fool, who likes a fool?


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