Thou shall survive this summer anyway!!!

Thou finds oneself in a world, wild world but with rules to kill the wildness, Thou breaks some of this unwild rules and somehow somewhat gets away with them or but sometimes gets in trouble. But Thou always has one cardinal of all cardinal rules in this life, that Thou shall always survive life anyway,

so rule 2 ;

Thou shall not cheat- but Thou shall cheat, even while playing cards or other gambles but this rule is incomplete without its second part, call it rule 2 part one or article one or whatever, it suggests, should Thou cheat, then Thou shall not get caught! Important ja?? But Thou will cheat breaking rule two and Thou will get caught breaking it completely and so Thou shall in this case lose important relations or somehow survive this ..okay or not, but this summer, Thou shall survive anyway!!

Cheat?? big word huh??

Thou will see good boobs and booties protruding in those summer made Bikini’s and Thou shall be forced to look with amusement and naughty thoughts crowding own-self judgment only to be flabbergasted after turning around and finding Thous partner angrily gazing at thou with a deem glare that silently demands explanation and Thou shall somehow somewhat contort flimsy excuses and side tracks that will not sidetrack the serious awkward expression in the partners face, even in a hundred years to come, Thou shall fail to convince But somehow somewhat, Thou shall survive this winter anyway.

So rule two somehow suggests that Thou shall have skeletons in the closet for all he or she can help or worse still, be a skeleton in someone’s closet! But Skeleton be or have, Thou shall survive this summer anyway!!

Thou shall try to change negative  to positive

rule 3 silently in Thou’s dreams this summer…

Thou shall try to stop smoking,

Cigarettes, weed or any other bad habits that thou picked up on the way, even drinking, Thou doesn’t like this negative acquired tendencies   but the Devil-doing what he does best, shall call it off-this bluff that Thou tries to pull, and poor Thou if not strong might find own-self stuck in this negative tendencies for a longer time, But somehow somewhat, this summer, Thou shall still survive anyway!!

Thou shall dance to the free music good music that summer somehow somewhat provides, from this crazy good musicians who never go pro. Be it in the parks or while driving around in trains, Thou shall hear good music and dance the tunes, in heart and in practice, Thou shall smile. But, Thou shall also spend some hard earned money in discos, in clubs, in their dance halls and in grills this summer to mix and connect with people with music being the catalyst, enjoying some one too many and surviving some one too many stories in future to tell about the hangovers next day, All in all, plus or minus, Thou shall survive this summer jams somehow, anyhow and live to narrate about it!!

By now,

Question: Who is Thou??

well, You, me, you, me , you me, me and you…..Thou!

And yes! Thou shall survive this summer anyway!!!! i kill one, this way!!!

Almost forgot,

About those headaches after a long drinking/ dancing sprees, call it Thou’s weekend.

Thou shall endure the days to follow and report to work in a hangover or school or whatever important appointment that thou has, late or not, Thou shall make it. And yes Thou shall and always will, and or make amends where necessary get a clear, Apology Accepted feedback. Where need be, Thou shall apologies a lot and sometimes face the ultimate price or ultimatums for that matter, but Thou shall survive this summer and live to smile happily for the next!!

Rule only immortal knows which-for Thou has lost count;

Thou shall not lie!!

But Thou shall break this and lie in bed, in the park, near the shores of the lake-call it a beach and avoid making it sound like it has an i instead of the ea, you don’t want trouble-nobody needs such, and Thou, before we lose ourselves will be either stoned or knockout drunk or just enjoying the breeze, but Thou will lie down somehow somewhat!!

So please, if ever you encounter Thou laying, do not accuse thou of breaking such a rule for Thou shall lie and live with the consequences this summer, and the next.

Thou shall not drink coffee before bed:

reason being, sleep will be elusive- in your dreams;

Thou wishes to express his mind and by so doing, Thou will drink not just coffee but all the other caffeine this world provides at any time at any place and still go to bed, what the heck, Thou shall break this rule fast fast naaaah like a Nigerian without a BVG ticket and sleep soundly like a little bird-trust me, Thou can do this or even better, Thou has done it before and lived to dream the tale!


Thou shall not find himself in places never planned before by own-self.

Reason being in this present times of terror and all sorts of reactions against foreigners like all of us are once you step out of your village, one needs to be careful to avoid getting harmed,

But Thou will listen to this in one ear and let it out through the next as it evaporates in the free air we found and breath and such will live with and leave it once we need no more, Thou will wake up in train stations with funny names after a night in the club and being driven around the city several times in sleep long past home station and thou will wonder, look at the city map and find the way home, for Thou will survive this summer anyway disappointed or not.

Good luck Thou, though the name sounds like though which is not in thought! but Thou will survive this summer anyway!!




Thou shall expect a comment on the blog- not about just though thought, but about anything and everything if you thou’s out there can, like about what rules do you think thou should break or something, not that Thou receives no comments, no, just that thou receives comments on Facebook and feels like a comment is an opinion and no one needs to feel judged or fear judgement for that matter for in this space, there is just no right opinion, just freedom and the right to express it, so try and make a first one and thou shall not break the promise to like yours first,

anyway so thrilled and still looking for an artist-one who can draw pictures, so looking forward to develop this comic in my thoughts with like minds, have a beautiful weekend and a beautiful next half of the year, “2017??we are half way there pals!!





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