You have failed!!

Hard as it is to admit, bitter as the pill is to swallow,

there comes,

a moment of truth.

You have failed, and this you know

though you know not how to admit and live with it!

sad is, experiencing this,

and living in the shackles of it,

in limbo

like a detainee, without knowledge of when if there is when

you will escape the trappings of shameful failure,

you have failed!

Not that it was an exam or a test,


but to live to your personal expectations,

your goals as many as you have or as few for they vanish

now you know

bitter as the pill is you’d like to spite it out

you have failed!

In this life, so much useless knowledge you get,

now you are wondering,

why does bottled water have an expiry date?


what would happen if the date is passed?

does it mean the water would not be fit for consumption?

And this is what you are thinking about??

You have failed!

You have failed in so many ways that you don’t even know where to begin to explain,

in fact if failure was a book, you would have a library

if failure was a cow, you would own a heard,

if failure was this proverbial bottled water you thought about,

you would own a sea of expired water,

and no one would swim!

come to think of it, the only good failure you haven’t succeeded to fail in,

is to fall in love,

and that would be good failure, wouldn’t it?


you have failed!

and now its time to rise up and shun the trends that led you down this ditch,

they say its never too late,

but useless information ringing in your mind somehow reminds you,

never say never-whatever that means in this context,

at least something you would like to fail to understand!

come to think of it,

another failure you imagine would be nice,

is that of  a silky robe as she undresses,

and that makes you naughty now?

you have failed to be nice!

but failure is,

falling to understand why that makes you naughty when you write it,

and truth is,

that the whole world likes it, just n silence,


never say never talk,

never say never fail

not all failure is bad,

that’s why you have failed,

and you will not fail to talk about it!



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