Walking carefully

Walking carefully is walking with gratitude, forget about the cat walk that models do-by the way i don’t know why of all animals in the world the cat gets to be distinguished in matters walking? Is it style or the fact that pride from the cat has it walking clean in a muddy day? Or is it class?Cats are classy? but i think it world be fun if it was called something like a peacock walk or a giraffe walk-by the way giraffes have a class of their own, a great taste of foto posing-if giraffes were human they would love this selfies, so if you have a friend addicted to selfies-that’s a giraffe spirit in them, or something a little offensive-that is if it was done by men, like a dog walk, Mafisi walk or something?? forget it, this is not the walk i mean by walking carefully, mine has some little back ground to it and so chill down and let me narrate why i am indeed walking carefully now, me of all the people in the world, Seven billion of us, and yes me and i suggest you learn from my experience for doing so from a personal experience sucks.

It all began on Tuesday the 10th just 20 minutes before i could leave my work station, here is the thing, on this eventful day, i was so unlucky to the core of the word for finishing my job over thirty minutes before the intended time, and being in a contract that pays you hourly only means you get punished for finishing work early by not getting paid for the hours you did not work, not that this is a lot of cash after all we are talking peanuts but such a trend when it recurs several other times means you lose quiet a considerable amount of chums that you would rather keep, a penny lost is just that and a penny saved is a penny earned, so you would better earn it, and earn i did, with my leg almost breaking, to the hip!

I know most people don’t get how on earth do you end up with injuries in your hip joint? in fact most of the suspicious looks i get somehow tend to inform me that the person is indeed wondering, what do you really do for a living? Ending up with a leg injury could be normal, but where in the leg? the hip joint? really? how? i mean seriously and this goes all the way to the other side of the leg and thus creating a suitable situation for even more suspicious looks, what does this boy really do? They tend to ask and their silent answers somehow tend to concur on something naughty, and that i live in Kufursteinstrasse clearly doesn’t help reduce such suspicion( for those in the dark, this street is the Berlin’s version of Nairobi’s Koinange street), it magnifies it in a way beyond words.

So to reduce this sielent suspicion,here is what happened as far as i can remember, not that i have a great fotographic brain but surely some crates fell on me and as i escaped, i somehow ended up twisting my foot and somehow the muscles in the hip joint area were some how extended or suppressed beyond the normal suppression bla bla bla, i don’t even understand what i am saying or writing-whatever, the point is i got hurt in that particular area and yes at work so those who hear crates and think they were beer crates sorry for that, i would have liked it to be them for this only means that i got hurt while drunk and not sober to feel the pain but such imagination is a good idea for a movie script which is not based on my life. By the way speaking of imagination, i have a better one for you, especially for you Khym, imagine how a hip joint X-ray is done by those spotlisch, young German nurses or in turns, i don’t know but they are really too young for life, and too nice, but that you met them at their work place only means you are in so much pain to even hold a conversation, so just imagine!

As the Kikuyu saying goes, Gutiri citathekwo,……. Theka!! i hope you got the fill of what i am feeling, and in deed understand why right now it is of so much importance for me to thank all those friends who stood with me on this difficult two weeks, two weeks of not being able to shop alone, you guys came and did it for me,two weeks of wondering whether i would ever walk alone, you sent me inspiring messages and encouraged me with hope and that things would be alright, and yes it is, two weeks of not being able to go out and at least enjoy the sun, you brought sunshine in my heart by visiting me and having those funny chats, even mocking me to feel normal and back to life, joking about how that old lady offered me a seat on the bus, and as i tried to turn it down on my own cultural principle, how she read my mind for she had been to Africa and knew too well the practice but still assured me and made it clear that it was alright i could sit, such show of the humanness in the most unlikely places, and all these in just two weeks, i am indeed very grateful and happy and almost sobbing, but men don’t sob in my culture, doing so might incur me some fine in form of a goat, and i don’t need yet another goat fine, so i will not sob but you can take solace in knowing that i came close to tears even without being tear-gassed, well i am lucky that i am not in Nairobi where the infamous police  have taken this to be a way of life while dealing with people expressing their constitutional rights,and that’s how emotional i am in a climax of what would have been a bad two weeks but in reality it wasn’t, because of you and so i say thank you, and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! By the way speaking of bottoms, i wonder why people prefer the word while talking about parts of the body, i thought booty sounded more sexually appealing as opposed to the former but maybe someone needs a bottoms up challenge and this is a contest i invite myself out of! I leave it there with a thankful heart and a bowl of sunshine in my heart as i check out my window, and i see yet more sunshine-though the clouds cloud it but the feeling is sunshine, i can now go out and enjoy the imaginary sun as it is, because i now can walk and also because i am indeed aware that being careful is the way to go to avoid hurting myself any time soon, i wish such a careful walk to all of you, so i pack my crutches in a corner and will be walking out for the second day without them, so happy and wishing to share such happiness with all of you, even you who is far far far away from here, all of you, Prost!! Maisha matamu!!


2 thoughts on “Walking carefully

  1. Oh! That sounds painful! I’m glad you are okay bro! I’m still not convinced by ur explanation regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident. Forgive my scepticism…..

    You should tell us more about German hookers and the neighborhood hooker street!


  2. Hehehe you wish to hear more of the hooker story, the thing is most of them are actually foreign and not German, by the way this says something about the men in this culture for i am sure any business booms where there is demand, man about my health, i am fine and happy to be back in the walking humans class hahahah

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