All cards on the table, King Kong down

What once was like standing on top of a mountain, what was once feeling like a dream that was privilege running through the veins, every little cell in your body, every part of it-even the naughty one whose work so immense is but whose glory is just never spoken of loudly, only in whispers.Yes! in whispers but it runs through all men as equals, as unequal and all women lust to quench the thirst and thrust of its glory, yes that feeling, that one great feeling and here you stood!

Like King kong was, like he felt in the jungle, you felt, only that you were up there in Berlin, a city and not a jungle, feeling taller than King kong though shorter in size, yes you! That was Sunday by the way, the day before Easter-that defining Sunday…those who don’t know and were so privileged not to be there can reefer to the narrative that follows, that’s the providence in privilege-or so you wish they can follow your thoughts and feel you, you! not the Sunday taller than king kong you, you the shorter now broke version of you, the now you, and all this is because of one thief, and now you want a slogan the kikuyus fondly use to be true, the one about thieves burning their tummies as they doze off ( Aiici mangirohia nda magicunga! hau niho turi-the second part was you getting carried away by the slogan you now like and wish was a reality! Or you being curried like a horse, but you had to be a horse and not King Kong size you, so now you know and you laugh, though in silence like a whisper) Yes! that you.

After a pinch of dance in the park, after a glimpse of football squeezed the last juicy sweat out of you, all you wanted was to go home, go home, take a shower and relax and wish that memory will remind you of how good that day was, at least a sip of goodness for you would have had more if your dear friend was also having the same of kind moment, but she wasn’t and your heart sinks in her thoughts, in her resolve to find a good solution that will somehow bring back that amazing smile you know to be her, that signature smile that butterflies around your belly cherish, but the thought that it will be back and she will be smiley awakens some sense of hope in you for she is strong and precise and you know she has it within her to beat any odds upon her life, but another friend was to make a call, and yes he did afterwards, and you ended up in this cool restaurant somewhere in Alexander platzt, cool is what you thought it would be but cool never ends cool and that you would know practically.

That eventful night you drowned yourself in entertainment, you had the advantage of affording it and the effort to clear the bill was no problem then-amazing how somethings happen? Ja! That was you, at least the last thing you remember of you before waking up the next morning somewhere in Warschauer Strasse, with a rucksack in your back, in a bench surrounded by strangers who took no care to notice your presence, you want to see what time it is so you reach for your phone in your pocket, shit! its empty, no phone! maybe its in your jacket pockets, and so you reach, empty-the alcohol level somehow magically goes down and now worry takes over, you open the rucksack but no phone, as if this is not surprising enough, you find out that not only is your phone gone, but also your wallet is missing, at this moment the reality you hate to confront is somehow somewhat sinking in your fatigued tipsy mind, you were robbed! Where is Khym, you wonder? and now you want to call him, but no phone,Shit! you curse as you remember this, you are so confused but you need to get home, or to that bar where you might have left your wallet and your phone-logic is twisted in your mind though deep down you know that you could never have forgotten this two important items in a bar, but you go there, dragging the rucksack in your back. The bar is long closed so you retire for home, a taxi could be so good for the trains will keep you waiting long but without your wallet and with your pockets clean shaved, you can’t take one, in fact you need to get on a train fast before the control guys start their day, for even your monthly ticket is missing, its always in your wallet! shit! You drive home mad, mad that you are confused, mad that you dropped your guard, mad that the train is full of happy drunk people, mad that some of them are chatting with their phones carelessly yet this bastard chose to take yours while you slept calmly not showing it off, so mad that you even don’t remember when was the last time something made you burn in range like this! You go home mad! And yes you get there, still mad! A sense of relief creeps in when you find that your friend made it there but surprise is when he tells you that the bag is not his! Where did you get it? Questions, questions and questions, and all that you have are question marks all over your mind???????? Sleep over the matter we can deal with it later, a friendly advice. You sleep, more like drunk confused you rests in bed.

The next days will be filled with appointments you never would have had to make but you must, of all crazy things-and this gives you something to smile about, is when you and your friend go searching for a police station to get an abstract and now you realize it has never been of interest to you to know where the nearest police station in your locality is, so you go asking people and the look in their eyes when they see two black dudes somewhere in the middle of Berlin asking about a police station shall forever bring a smile in your face, that disbelieve look, that are you kidding me look, that are there hidden cameras around look, that look that you got, a certain code of silence exchanged and both parties were aware that this could not be truly happening! but you found it finally!

On this date, you are now counting your losses, you have decided to move on, you have made most of the needed appointments but you are still mad, so mad that now you think what if you never went out that night? And this freaking petty pickpockets, why the hell are they so many in Berlin of late? The cartel has some freaking ladies posing as caring girlfriends to sleeping victims, this way nobody suspects that the guy being pampered with kisses, sat on the lap and called numerous hubbies  and babies is actual being stolen from.The freaking pick-pocket cartel! How this came to be, you don’t know but you will not drop your guard in the near future.

For now, all you think about is why you were robbed and not how , but rage still burns in you upon the thought of all things you were robbed, especially the chance to see peter slaughter chicken for his first time in this life, and now you swear , its was going to be the first time he did it since the big bang, you know the big bang?? ok, for those of you, not you, the other yous  who adhere to another school of thought, since the earth was created, got it?ha! you would later learn that Vera did it as peter run away- you would have used chickened out but since there is a chicken losing its head in the mix, you think it would be inappropriate -too much chicken talk that its now a saga..oooh boy! which Vera? well absolutely not Vera Sindika, another one, whose courage and agility has her enjoying the best of Africa- a story she can narrate better , ja?……in fact of late, you are using a lot of euphemism, so freaking in your thoughts is something else with different spellings, hope is that  Jöpke will one day tell of a story about the way of life in Bananahill by means of euphemism, in fact he can do it better once he deals with the chickening out scandal with Bobi as the presiding judge, wait Bobi would not be the most suitable judge for you bet your lungs he would also run like the accused, maybe Khym would be a better judge-you remember him, the guy who broke a record for not sleeping for 72 hour in a party? The guy whose bag you thought you carried? he was also part of the Monkeys at work, and yes part of the two black guys in Berlin looking for a police station!yes! that one, But maybe Jöpke would find favor in the eyes of any black judge for Kamau is an African name, a gourd of Keroro needed to bless the new born name, and yes the monkey that was atop a hill is now roaming the streams still searching for something real, that is the new you with King Kong having had a hard fall in you! You are freaking feeling like all the cards were on the table and that your freaking King kong-even the naughty you, is somehow down, but when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up, so you freaking console yourself!


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