The consumer mentality

When plants create, we consume!

what animals create, we consume,

That what some of us somehow manage to create, we consume,

we are indeed a consumer society in need and in such of consumption commodities

because we consume.


Plants, be it their bodies as timber and paper,

or their sup as juice or medicine,

or their flowers to get high???

we consume!


We have this silent urge, we must quench it!

we shall starve if we do not

we consume!

and by the way, nobody said something about their fruits,

that too,

we consume!


Animals, their milk,

their eggs,

their honey,-and we call each other honey for love?

their meat-like having them dead is a glory?

we consume!


Information, technology, wise sayings


even the way of life

we consume!

from others, even if they are ages gone,

and know nothing about us today

we consume!


we consume because we need it, or so we tell ourselves?

we consume!

the consumer mentality,

and thats why we dare not create in numbers like we are,

creativity is there at birth for all of us,

to create, yet, we consume!

we are brought up as such and so,

we consume,

we can live with create and consume,

but we choose only one,

we consume!


2 thoughts on “The consumer mentality

  1. Yeah, we are great consumers, me and you and the rest of us… But as long as we create “something” and give it freely to others it’s sharing 🙂
    thanks for your thoughts and thanks for being a part of this crazy world.
    You know the concept of UBUNTU????
    My very best regards, Katrin (Rathenow)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am because of who we all are but truth, even that, i consumed hehehe happy happy times in this crazy world and yes to create and share is the way to go, even good music or just what one does best, create and consume and maybe we all can have a reason to celebrate!!


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