Sorry for what?

You want to say sorry, sorry for what you did,

sorry for what you did not do but she expected you to do,

sorry for things that happened in her life before you met her

and sorry that you had not met her then to console her,

sorry that today was grey and chilly instead of sunny and bright,

sorry that its fucking march-a cold month here

and not june. when the sun shines without warning,

sorry that you can’t reach her on a call

for you called so many times but she doesn’t want to answer,

sorry that she doesn’t answer your calls,

sorry that you did not like her pictures with double likes on facebook

.because Zuckerberg has not made it possible,

sorry that you are sorry and sad sorry,

and all the sorry things the world can imagine of,

and that you are here now doesn’t help to solve the sorryness in your heart,

and its hurting so bad-that heart of yours,

its breaking and shuttering down into pieces

– for that you are sorry too!

Sorry that you met and spent all those good memories that keep you sleepless of late just at the thought of them!

Sorry you!

You you you on your knees,

and love is the culprit!


Of all billions- seven i think, inhabiting this world, you get to be sorry

sorry you!

She could have met the other seven minus one and be happy

but fate had it that sorry you met her

you are sorry about that too

sorry that your paths lead to different directions

sorry that you love this way

and sorry that you don’t know any other way to love,

sorry that there is absolutely no logic in love

and that you just landed there without a plan,

if love was the moon, you could have asked Lance Armstrong for advice,

sorry that he is gone from this world,

plus even if he were here,

love is not like the moon!

Sorry for that too,

ooh boy, plus sorry that thinking Lance was wrong,

he is the biker and not that other moon guy

– and that he still lives happily ever, even after cheating the world,

your bad! ooh poor you in the choke your wealth,

sorry for your bad too!


Girls are girls, so you console yourself,

they love fun-you think

they can mingle with all the fun in the world-now you know

sorry that you are knowing now and not before,

before when you had the chance,

sorry that its gone now,

and that its too precious to be duplicated,

no, not duplicate, to have it again, its gone

and thats that!

ooh sorry you

That you didn’t know also girls have a version of boys and fun,

that in your shoes they say boys will be boys!

that you are not the only one in tears, the world cries.

but for more serious things,

that you are not the first or the last man to be heart broken,

many more were and will be heart broken in future, for such is life!

that seven billion people in the world translates to more than 3.5 women

-pick any!

that life is a continues line and looking back has never solved past mistakes,

and that whatever is eating your soul translates to load of bollocks when i hear your jeers

that pull yourself together is euphemism for man up you boy!

that love has brought you down to your knees is old news,

that  Ceaser and Cleopatra made the break long ago,

And the world still revolved like ever!

Sorry for that too!!






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