Freaking late, freaking and late, the difference,

In this life, upon which,

in a certain time

you learn.

The underlying difference between;

being freaking late


late that you were freaking


being frequently freakin’ late

its not the same

what if its late without freaking??

I’m lost!


So now, he is late means something different from the late?

Just because he came late, does it mean he is the late?

He dies?? the late!!

So you and i, and But

aren’t we dying to know why he came late?

And why he is not to called the late, like the late comer?

I’m confused??

but, should a late comer make a freaking difference?

i don’t give a butt…but why??

see, i’m freaking confused!


O.K, better late that he came than never,

than if he was the late, ja?

We agree now,

never counts for the late,

and ever shall we all one day be!


Even-though the day for some of us shall come late,

and so late coming be the blessing then!

But, i mean but and not butt, okay? cool!

Don’t we all wish this?

that before the late is a title we hold,

the one with a name that was you,

that lateness steps in an delay be the song of the moment?

Though only delay, for the inevitable is sure!

so sure like the wonderful mountain range view from my village.

Sorry not yours, you are probably a city bloke.


I hope i am not late for bed, its 03:00 Am,

its sure as hell is some other time elsewhere right?

So dreams better be late if they are nightmares

or never if they are wet,

and ever if they are sweet.

So now before you go,

change a little thing and see the difference,

like freaking with another ‘F*****’ word

like what the stars represent and see the freaking difference,

Ha! yes, i did that to you,

Languages and twists are the dance,

freaking late to bed now, at least i admit,

do you?


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