I want you to hate me

 I  want you to hate me when you see this,

when you view this status of a life that i lead,

this squalid life that circumstance has forced me into!

This petty life which you would wish nothing from,

not even for your worst enemy,

This pit that is my reality home away from home.

yes i want you to hate me first.


That i show it to you now, this early,

is a gesture of how honest i want to be with you,

that i know it is the less presentable thing in life

yet i present you this filth,

that i do it early is a fact we both can affirm,

that i want to express how frank i want us to be with each other,

is the reason i present you with truth, a truth too real to presented.

I wish to tell you of the ugliest of the ugly secrets!

And yes! i want you to hate me!

You can at least do it, its still early, you can! can’t you??

Please hate me before we get involved!!


I want you to hate me and have a reasonable excuse,

you could say something like ‘he is a mess or the mess’

or claim this early that ‘ I didn’t know him too well’

an excuse that can be excused world over, right?

The world must agree to this, you’ll be the weeping victim who gets a shoulder,

the world shall understand you, in fact stand with you!

Hate me now!


I want you to walk out before you walk into this mess,

maybe in there, it will not be so messy as i express it,

or as it seems, if you walk in?

But i want you to see and know that i am in a mess,

see it please before i mess up your imagination of me, that fantasy me!

For, i want you to hate me with a passion before you commit with a passion!

I want you to treat me bad like that badness that hate emits in all of us,

for, i will love you so deep, impossible  to comprehend,

and, make love to you so brutal hard like i hate you,

this is why i want you to hate me now!!



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