Elusive freedom

Living in very very dangerous times where elusion is the order of the day,

where freedom to access is a mirage never practiced but so insisted upon presence,

where the mist of liberation is a media PR but never an actual practice,

where fear from the public custodian bureaus, ‘forces’, is individually prescribed but laughably emphasized,

where as a member of a smaller economic background the solace is a chain for life with no real escape,

a small world is indeed a condemned jail for any bigger thinker,

the extreme poverty circle begs to force one to think, indeed believe, in a notion that escape is a dream too big,

a dream that one must give up on, or face a destined hard pitiful fall!

the bang in the landing makes you fear chasing this light in the tunnel,

like a dog chasing its tail, this puzzle has no out, just a thud in the hard fall

the way i land will somehow dissuade others from attempt.

i should give up before the thud,

i should run away from the dream

from the escape for there is no escaping the thud,

am i wearing a bigger shoe than my intended number-you find me wondering, you should though think of you too

and back to the escape which from the little knowledge feels inevitable yet inaccessible,

i want to break loose but loose is not always a guaranteed free, it liberates somethings but its not liberation

and those free, so oblivious that liberation cost has just got high!

its a crazy cat and mouse chase where no escape avails,

its an illusion which no awakening sounds smart, and those awake, must be born so,

in their few numbers, they are not willing to share this trophy,

yet its a birth right, if not, its a promise civilization claims to unfold,

but often fails for the chains tighten in it instead of getting unshackled ,

i shake in fear that the thud is inevitable, soon to kill those gleam smiles in the un awoken faces,

i shiver in the face of this dilemma as i wonder how a shivering heart can indeed claim freedom,

the world is small for the faint heart but indeed smaller when the landing crash is indeed a systematic strategy,

i drop to my knees, well aware that its a duel not matched for me and like minds,

i want to escape, and the new question in my my mind is what worries me,

for escape for me has now changed from breaking to freedom to freeing from it,

i may never be liberated if i continue to think like this but at least i will be loose in the loss of my quest,

this is indeed hard to conceptualize but the escape is so elusive and the only way to really escape is to elude the fight,

so after all, in this knelt knees, i now understand why fear leaves you with one thought,

the thought that all that avails is flight,

flight from this elusive liberating freedom which seems like a long chase after wind,

weeded from the scalp to the toe, and all i know is fog,

all i pack home is just flight and so frighted about the thought,

there is no freight in this small basket of mine,

the load is in my head, i wish i could download it somewhere else and loosen up a bit,

for i am indeed eluded in meaning and in my thought,

what escapes my understanding is the idea that freedom, and real as it maybe,

as it should be, so elusive in deed is,

yet this notion eludes many, mostly, many of those who stand the chance to see or touch liberation,

if the rules were not a PR joke!




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