Don’t you ask me why…

don’t you ask me why….

Pretty smile,………

that sharp look

oooh, ooooh,

always makes me crumble

eeeeeh, you know how?

crumble to the humble ground

and i am not humble

especially when serious


this sharpness of the eye,

this magic of a smile,

your very simple presence

it crumbles,

it humbles,

it drops me on a ground unknown

i collapse

even mentally

unknown to me

unknown to man,

unknown to my heart


dare you not ask me why.

i collapse!

you you you

you should know why

or at least


think how

think why


don’t you ask me why

maybe i’m naive

maybe i am getting soft

maybe its your fault that i’m like this

don’t you ask me why…..





watching out even my walk

this is a different me

don’t you ask me why…

i’m not rude,

i can’t be rude

especially not to you baby girl

but please

and this pshhhhhh on it

its a secret

but please

don’t you ask me why..

why, why, why

ooh baby girl,

that sharpness,

that smile


don’t you ask me why


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