Insensible things part III ( the death of an ordinary man)

When an ordinary soul is lost

The people mourn it,

they cry real tears,

not so many of them though,

but for them who show up

it’s always for one reason,



but when a poor man dies

in his poor status,

and the people believe its out of his poor way of life,

most of them will mourn


many of them in absentia.

they find no reason to leave their daily schedules,

to show up,

to honor-which in their heart of hearts is not honor,

the poor fellow whose poverty status have elevated him to a next poor life,

why waste their time in tears for a poor soul? they ask in silence!

When a rich man dies,

rich as filth,

the people normally don’t mourn,

in fact,

most of them get busy to save time,

busy preparing the descent send off,



in their hearts

the Will is what drives this unwilling mourners,

to put up a theatrical show,

a spectacular one indeed,

to fool all the people of a love they feel

a very deep love,

of a loss so gross,

of missing the departed soul,


in truth and reality,

most of them want not to miss out in the inheritance,

the will to plan this spectacle is driven by the will,

so many willing mourners are deep down unwilling to miss in this precious will.

An ordinary soul gets the simple but the best send off,

no acting,

no ignorance,

no unwilling driven will,

he is missed for real and not for will,

in a sense he lives a real life,


leaves in a reality surrounded  by truth,

no falsehoods,

no crocodile tears,

no theatrics,

a reality that somehow defines to be real,

to be ordinary,

to be you,

even in a departure so painful


so sure,

sure for every soul alive to hit,

and the send off?

the reality!


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