In my small world, world of thought

In my small world of thought, too small indeed to be true,

but need be the truth,

for the truth shall set me free,

and so i pledge!

So a question is asked,


an answer is expected.

question: What could be more truer than truth?

A drunk fluffy haired man answers: A story!

he goes on to tell of his cultural believe and convinces me and others,

and yes, he might have been drunk and cultural,


some truth in his response doesn’t escape me,

nor does it escape the worldly scope.

When a story, a good one for that matter,

is told, and well told as it unfolds,

it begins a certain sort of truth,

a truth that even the real truth can never penetrate through,

so truth can not tell it as well,

it narrates of a truth that only a story can tell,

can convey


nothing less,

nothing more,


nothing else!


It concerns me, and this first part is why,

should concern you too;

when, but mostly when,

a fallacy is told,

when a fallacy begins to be the story,

when a fallacy gains momentum

and then mileage,

when a fallacy becomes the story,

and then the norm,

to be the day to day story,

the story of the day,

the eventual culture,

the religion,


you should be worried,

concerned and worried!

it replaces the truth,

before you know it- it will be truth,

like a fashion,

you will be laughed at if you don’t conform to it-that’s me and like minds.

it will echo across rivers, valleys, lakes, seas,

damn! the birds will even sing it before breakfast,

dawn will crack with it,

same as dusk will cover with it,

it will be dinner, bread and breakfast,

we will eat and choke in it and still believe it,


For a start is a whisper,

but then a talk,

and then a chat,

better after a debate on how truly we shall apply it,

then how true we are to it,

it’s our story,

our heritage,

we can be spanned up on,

we surely have!

our future can be free,

freer than freedom we imagine,

but only when we call off the bluff,

and fallacy to be just that,



this world is so huge to be small


still one village,

one click away across boarders








in true bright day,

and make a plan,

a wonderful



one that

even fallacy


not dismantle


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