Insensible things part II ( I hate…)

I hate..

Waking up 30 minutes before time,

then finding sweet sleep meant for 30 more,

only to get up an hour 40 minutes later

-this is the devil in sleep!

Missing my breakfast in my haste,

only to miss the bus i was hurrying up to catch.

Or rushing my lungs out to catch the standing train,

then its doors close right before i get in,

to kill me more –

not only did it wait for me to see it leave


the next one arrives in eight minutes instead of five!


its not even freaking getting straight to my express destination,

i’ll have to change and wait some more somewhere

this is the icing of what i hate in the trains devil!

And by the way,

the trains heading the opposite side are coming on a three minutes interval,

call that sticking the finger right in my A**

Getting to work in a hurry, losing my breath in the process

only to find the boss-who never shows up regularly,

already there staring at me and other culprits who got there late,

the stare is worse than a lateness lecture!

with a lecture you know what he thinks,

with a stare, you can only imagine,

you wish to explain but he dismisses you all.

Those freaking thirty minutes!

gnashing your teeth as a cold slender sweat descends down your back,

so smelly as it draws salt on your spine line.

Also hate,

Falling asleep on the couch, ooh sweet couch sleep,

then getting up to enjoy it more in bed

but losing it on the way,

and having to spend two precious hours sleepless!

I should have stayed on the couch- such fantasies piss me off more!

Dreaming about the sun in winter!

Or having to wait for a late bus in the minus degrees,

Or arriving on the station on time in the cold night-

only to find the freaking driver arrived before time and left

shit! its so hard to get a night bus in time,

And the next comes 30 minutes later.

The damn 30 minutes again!

in actual sense, i hate being kept waiting for thirty minutes,

seems like the devil is in the thirty minutes?

How insensible it is that now i know,

for a fact

I hate thirty minute deals!!!



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