insensible things….

The card player thinks,

the gamer, the bet holder, the bet caller, the house buddy,

they all think!


The card player thinks there is a lucky card

-he thinks lucky and that he is?

The gamer thinks there is a lucky move-his lucky move!

The  bet holder thinks there is a lucky number, and only he holds it….

The bet caller thinks there is a lucky code, that only he can crack*****

The house buddy-to heck with this capitalists, thinks that the house always wins, any time any hour, win win§


All of them think, but all win and lose at some time. Some time, ha!

Time never thinks, yet time is the only truth! It tells the truth all the time, i mean when one will win, draw or lose, like ever and always never wrong always right, because time always knows, and all agree that time is the truth teller!

That time heals the wounds is a truth all in life agree upon,

that time knows secrets sacred to men is not a secret,

that time, the non thinker, always knows and all agree means that in essence we all agree that thinking amounts not to knowing and yet we all think, and we think we know but we know we don’t-the paradox of it all!



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