Serious or crazy, i choose one!

So the latter goes for me, i don’t know about you.

Many will not like it that i am crazy, and choosing it, but i am,

actually, i am one of the few who admit to this, many can’t,

they are afraid, and seriously so!

so my take, let me compare them and you might just know your standing

i am serious about it, in fact, seriously crazy!

its as simple as it gets.


So this beautiful plump Kenyan girl, emphasis on plump reader ja?

By the way, the right kind of plump, you know i am talking about the ass!

Meets this serious German right wing, politically, the ‘Nz’ type of serious, extreme!

So to dis her, he says, and does it with a clear serious intent to undermine her

-emphasis on intent to undermine! or degrade-have you more similar words?

Think that, it will help you understand.


” I thought monkeys live in trees or near them in jungle?” picture-sarcastic voice and look,gaze, serious gaze?

And he is huge, he feels unshakable and says it in public as people await a bus.


She? well in her crazy world, she is thinking, you f*****,  what do you want to show the world,

she knows he is seriously frustrated with life,

and crazily yearning to out his anger,

in fact she knows that he has no clue what a night with her?

Just one night around that plump something,

would be so seriously amazing for him to ever forget!

and crazily so, for him to beg for more.


But he doesn’t get that now, actually with such seriousness, he will never get such,

So he will never get to know!

people looking at the two, mixed reactions, some would laugh and find it amusing-seriously so

but some, they were shocked at how extreme people can be, so seriously extreme, seriously shocked.


With those crazy looks looming!


The girl, lets call her Muthoni-for thoni in kikuyu means humiliated or shy,

and she wasn’t!

What ensued there after, i tell you,her words, not mine!

” Yes, you are right, monkeys love trees, that’s why i climb one big one every night,

i can’t spend a night without!” – laughter! pause, then she again,

”But you? You have no tree, no woman wants it, your katree – katree is a small tree, tiny even, ask a swahili?

and that’s why you are seriously crazy wishing that you had it!”

Bus comes, all disperse a mid a thundering laughter, serious with his tail tucked you know where,

plump, with a bold smile, you know how! the crazy how.


And so, why do i like crazy?

A crazy friend of mine-minding her business, told me,

i seriously don’t want to continue pursuing my profession,

A great one, and she with her experience in high levels,

seriously? you don’t like what the world over, dreams to have?- my shock

And yes, she is crazily pursuing what makes her happy, crazy happy,


And so i thought, where would the world be without crazy thinkers?

well the likes of  Jobs Apple, Elons Tesla would be nowhere,

Crazy people dream and live their dreams,

see how we are crazy to seriously consume their products?

Serious people are consumers, and crazy at it!

And so, please call me crazy, i like it.

this is not just part of, but me, the brave me,

i am crazy, not just positive crazy

but flat crazy, and i like it, in fact, i love it

And i know that the world only wants one me, the crazy me


Serious can get you a bed, but serious people never sleep,

in fact, you cant even win a lover seriously,

you have to be crazy!

Crazy people get laid, serious people get laid to rest,

by the way, its a speech and not a poem,

so don’t seriously analyze my crazy speech,

I am just not serious enough to express it.

be crazy, get laid, just not to rest,

happy crazy week ahead!


one line; Crazy people are free, i yearn freedom not systemnom!( by the way-no such a word exists, but i am crazy and serious that you feel me!)


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