To whoever maybe concerned down there!!

That he chose to show up on Thursday is not a secret, that he refused to send his messenger but showed up in person is a matter in the public domain,that i am still pissed off is a matter for you to see in my face and that i am now more than curios, looking for answers as to why me, seven billion people in the world but me he chose is a question you can sort out  yourself- a matter for me to fodder as well. But yes, he showed up on Thursday, in person, the results of his encounter? i am still counting the losses!

An old superstitious man once told me some phrase about Mohammed and a mountain, that if Mohammed refused to meet the mountain, the mountain would meet him. In his drunkenness he wanted to freak me out on how bad things find good people in life even if you are how careful, i had forgotten this simply because i found it wanting and crazy, that this would be one day practical was out of question, basing in mind the unlikeliness that a mountain would move and that i am in deed Steve and not Mohammed is also a matter to chew on. On Thursday, this mountain tale and Mohammed was replaying itself in my mind a thousand folds, i could even smell the smoke from his pot as he narrated this unrealistic tale to me, so unrealistic in thought that it actually happened in reality for me to witness.

So Tuesday is the day that i normally get things on the wrong footing, since like ever, this has been my worst day, my black Tuesday! Karma had decided, we struck a deal and all was set. So, it has been so to the extent that, if anything bad happens to me then, i don’t mind it, its Tuesday after all! The day the devil pays me a visit, he rains on me and destroys all my plans, its the day we have come to agree upon, even on my calendar, that he should spoil, in return, i never plan serious appointments then, he can spoil my empty diary anyway! True to this, he does,he spoils, he never disappoints! Not even once!

And so that’s the contract, i am now living it and it feels fair. I don’t kiss on Tuesdays, i only get kiss my ass and like minded phrases world over! I can take it, just trust me on my word, i can kiss away the shame, it just has to be on a Tuesday!

But what is unfair, Thursday! of all the days he can swoop Tuesday with, he chose Thursday! and to add salt to the wound, he came in person! Never sent the normal mild destructive agents, he payed me a personal visit, am i becoming this important? that in the seven billion of us on planet Earth, i am the one person who got the courtesy call-by the way not Courtesy, in-courteous, or whatever the opposite is, my dictionary is showing me funny things like intercourse-the last thing i need now, how badly messed up am i to have it anyway?

You might be wondering why i am pissed off that this happened on Thursday, well, for me,Thursday has been the complete opposite of Tuesday. The best day ever, the best things for me happen on Thursdays, the best deals i ever made happened on a Thursday, the best dates i ever had happened on a Thursday, the best kisses, hot as they came, the best dance moves in and out of bed, the best everything! So why spoil my Thursday?(i hope that moron in charge of calendars down there can answer this) We need to respect each other here! My dream day, on Thursday, the sun even feels warmer for me, the water softer and the food tastier, if i never took a girl on a Thursday date, then i wasn’t serious about the relationship-That’s how precious my Thursday is! So whoever changed the time table, made chickens come home to roaster  on what would be rather a great day, i will have my revenge in this life or the next! And pull up your smelly socks you moron!

I wanted to tell you the exact contents of the events as they unfolded, which i will when i come down, but today is not the day, for i burn in piss which i hope to off! As i await Tuesday with the hope that the time table down there is back to normal, and that some sensible demons will see it fit to disturb Steve on Tuesday as usual.


internal memo to, whoever maybe concerned down there,

The Tuesday contract deal alteration,

Concerned agents of doom, please pass this to the moron that altered the days of doom for one Steve Mejja, there is only one! So i proceed. I am not impressed by this changes, and i was not consulted in advance by any means. Back down and give me back my day!

I leave you with one line you bad luck shadow, i maybe down but i am not out, and hitting below the belt will not get you anywhere, so bring it on, i am a big boy ready to take on you, just don’t do it on Thursday, its my special day, who in the world-or even underworld, does that to their enemies? fight me a fair fight in the duel, and yes you are right, life is a duel, i may be smaller, younger and mortal, but i am not Mohammed in this fight, i am the freaking mountain ready to mount on you,



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