She came to smile

Before and even after i met her, she was smiling,

she was happy, and she made me happy,

i guess that’s why i think, she came to smile!


In fact i now know, i saw, i felt,

and now more than ever, i know!

she came to smile, smile smile and make me smile,

what was left of this horrible living!

Of this lust filled life,

of  the never ending chase,

this chase for monies and then more chase the next day,

never will get enough, just chase, chase, chase after chase,

never finding enough, but her presence, the smile

she came to smile!


Met her in a corner, in a lovely street,

that was but abandoned,

in those christmas carols filled winter,

in that family hype, when all over sudden,

everybody decides to visit their family and abandon the city,

in that pitch dark street, where i first saw her,

i stopped her, i said lovely words and buuuum, the smile,

that very smile that she came with,

and left too soon for life,

but i know, she came to smile



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