What gives comfort?

As i walk around, in a normal day, just wondering,

like the wanderer i am, what gives comfort?


Is it sleeping in a comfortable big bed, cozy as they come, but without dreams

I mean bad dreams, they call them night mares right?

Or is it knowing that the night mare is real for someone who is just not you, lucky you?

Born at the right side of the fence, born with what others see as privilege,

So hard to get, but you, in your first breath of life, you got it!

So, what gives comfort?


In this normal day, i see children running out and about, smiling,

damn! they are happy!

In my thoughts, i still wonder,

What gives comfort?


Lying on the grass in a chilly night, watching the stars, wow, they are bright!

The amazing beauty, yet i still wonder,

what gives comfort?


Is it knowing you are safe from drones,

or the thought that such an attack will occur anywhere else but here?

You are safe, on the right side of the fence,

Your side just happens to manufacture them, while others consume,

Your side, your side, ooh damn! your safe side!

You can watch the stars, elsewhere the stars watch you with a stun!

Your safe damn side!

What gives comfort?


Is it getting bored that you go to school, or knowing that at least there is a school for you?

elsewhere, its a different story, but not your story! just another one.

so as i sit on this wonderful bench along a path near a park, i wonder,

What gives comfort?

huh! There is actually a bench on the side way street near a park, what a wonder, yet i wonder.


Is it that kiss you got last night at around eleven o’clock when he dropped you home,

or is it the idea that it was actually safe for you two to be out at such a time?

Elsewhere, would have been another story, your safe side of the fence, so damn kissing safe!

Or is it the kiss, the allowed kiss?

i still wonder as i drink my beer, what gives comfort?

I am in the park, and i am allowed my drink, elsewhere, its another story, not mine today!


Is it telling immigrants to go back home and do whatever there,

or is it knowing the privileges they are not allowed here on your fence but you are?

Or is it just not caring, but one day you, you, you, you, free you,

you can fly anywhere and actually be welcome, but not them, they not!

How could they deserve this? Your wise grandfather designed it that way.

Not that i have anything against him, but the truth!

So tell me, what gives comfort?


Getting to see a doctor if you cough once,

or knowing there is a cancer patient halfway around the world who can’t afford one?

It seems comfortable not caring about such, i mean, its their mess, they should clean it!

So i ask, i still ask, again and again, but still, no reply, no answer,

I let it go, i drop it, life is so short to answer it, i let go

But the question in the air, what gives comfort?




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