what attracts people

football for fun and not demo for truth


yes truth that will affect us all


yes negatively!

but for truth we never show up,

for football we all scream!


booty on a foto of a sexy lady!

we all crave to have that in bed,

Yes! in bed even-though we know its a model

selling some cream!


yes, like advertising,

and the idea is for us to look and buy!

but we never show up for future, this we never do!


we say we are busy, making all sorts of excuses,

i have a child who needs care,

i have a job that must be done today-not any other day, but today!

i have a date, she needs ice cream with me, today, not tomorrow, today!

i have an appointment, today, just today!

the excuses!


A stupid comment made by a beautiful girl!

she doesn’t have to be smart, but beautiful!

A hundred and one likes!

sweet comments and yet no sense?

a hundred and one admiration bro!

its a blow!

i take a bow!

She likes back, with a smile.

even if she only likes one of us all!

And actually loves, she makes love with, but we fools,

as usual, are fooled!


A joke or a poke!

doesn’t add or subtract our past and future,

but we like, we laugh, we find it amazing,

even amusing!

we are stupid! or the cupid said so?

but we are people, we get attracted,

by! but not the sensible thing.


Her thighs!

she is skinny but her thighs!

she is fat, but her thighs!

she is untrustworthy but her thighs,

she is engaged but her thighs?

She doesn’t like you, but her thighs!

as if you will have them for lunch,

a thigh lunch, or Thai lunch?

but her thighs?



i go crazy!

the nipples seem to protrude, even without a weed effect!

Waaaaa! sounds the heart,

but her boobs?

i probably should stop!

and just say we are off the line!

we? men..and we? men

aaah? what about women?

a destruction!


they think, great!

but all in all, we are stupidly insane,

as a people, as a world, completely destructed but the wrong things!


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